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    we havent had a drop in customers. As a matter of fact our sales have gone up 34% in the 3 years we have been doing it. They dont mind getting a later ticket with all the other activities. They can also get a speed pass if they dont want to wait.
    Greg Allen


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      We've been doing timed ticketing for 6 or 7 years and its great. We have 3 main attractions and a big midway and we also employ a bunch of under 18 year old kids so in VA we can't have them work past midnight, so our last customers have to be gone by then. I'm not sure how that would go without a midway. When people get to our attractions and there is a line, even though its only 15 minutes, they still gripe about it.

      We use Gatemaster because we didn't want to pay a fee for every ticket and we didn't want to pass that on. We had to come up with a pretty complicated back end for the system, I think it ended up with 52 or 60 different time slots, but it is very simple for the customer. Our line to buy a ticket or check in is still an 1+ hour on busy nights even with 18 cashiers, but wait time for each attraction is 10-15 minutes. the first few years those wait times were 45 minutes to an hour to get into the attraction, after waiting an hour to buy the ticket. I'd rather somebody buying food than waiting in line.

      We do 15 minute time slots with about 160 people each, then the next attraction is 45 minutes to an hour after that. 1/2 the people start in the Corn, the other half in the forest, then both groups go to hayride, then to the last attraction. The hayride in theory can take 40 people every 2 minutes so that works out. We don't do any VIP or fast passes.
      Lucas Cox
      Cox Farms


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        Would any of you recommend using different colored wristbands for the time slots? I'm considering timed ticketing this year, but I think I'd rather just have the time printed on our wristbands and our hayride person checks off the time slot.

        - Customer buys ticket online or in person
        - We give them a wristband
        - They get in line for our hayride, which takes them to our haunt (it's not a themed hayride)
        - They get in line for the haunt
        - Queue attendant marks on their wristband (just a check or an X) once they are about to go into the haunt.

        Timed ticketing would allow customers to not have to wait in line for the hayride, but they can hang out in our new "entertainment" barn, where we'll have bands or side shows (fire spinners) and food trucks. We'd call the next time slot every 30 minutes and they can then get in line for the hayride.
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        RED VEIN Haunted House
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          We used different colored wristbands since we began timed ticketing. This year we are switching to a printed scanned ticket system which will be less confusing for our ticket booth personnel.
          Greg Allen


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            "Surge" pricing

            Anyone doing surge pricing? In that I mean you have your regular pricing, then the busy days: last weekend, days before and Halloween, you have an increase of say $5.00 for all ticket types.

            I feel this is an alternative to an across the board price increase. It could also help drive some traffic to the earlier days and ease up the busy days.

            If people find it necessary to be there Halloween week, they pay a premium.

            If you like this alternative, which ticketing systems would it work best with??
            R&J Productions
            Las Vegas, NV


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              I wrote a big article about this in the new Hauntworld Magazine (

              I think the focus should be on growing attendance not raising prices. I think haunted houses are at the brink of what is possible to charge. Amusement parks are killing haunts because they offer rides and more... haunts are inching closer and closer to prices that aren't even affordable. I don't think visiting a haunted house is that important that you can't skip it all together when the prices are sky high.

              Hey that is my opinion.

              Larry Kirchner