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  • Kudos to Scarefactory

    Last year it seemed as if the world was against Scarefactory with all of there screw ups and refusal to answer or return phone calls. And rightfully so as far as I can tell. So this year we decided to not purchase from them. However we did have a peice we purchased last year that I needed help with and thought "Oh No hear we go again". But instead everything was great they answered the phone put me in touch with who I needed and even rushed a new part out for me. They have definately made changes. When designing my house for next season I am putting Scarefactory back on my vendor list.

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    That's good to hear. Hopefully some others will chime in with good reports. We have had numerous issues with them in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and have sworn never to purchase from them again. However, they have a prop that I think we have a perfect spot for, don't have the time to build and as far as I know, they're the only ones that build this particular prop. Maybe we'll see...
    -Brandon Kelm
    Operations Manager & Technical Director



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      What is Scare Factory's purchase policy do they accept half down at ordering and full payment prior to pickup?



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        Yes, half down the balance at time of shipping...


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          We just purchased a few things from scarefactory this week to take advantage of the year end sale and like most of you guys I was nervous about ordering from them. They answered the phone on my first call and I talked to David personally. I told him my concerns about the quality issues that have been brought up and he assured me they have worked on the problems. I asked about warranty information and he was very assuring and helpfull to ease my concerns. This is our first purchase from them and since we will be open for the Transworld haunt tour in Columbia on Friday nite the 27th it will give us a chance to use their products and report on its dependability and quality issues.
          Greg Allen


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            Just a clarification....You mention the trouble from last year...are you talking about Scarefactory - or Scareparts? I've not heard much on the forums about Scarefactory-but Scareparts is still scamming -and Keith may be facing more serious charges than just civil complaints if he doesn't straighten up and quick-
            Kathryn DeSautell
            Lafitte's Landing, Dark Shadows Entertainment


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              good & bad

              Have bought Slayer, Scissor Serpent, Tombstone Reaper and skelrectors from them as well as an Impaler second hand. Yes I have had issues but no major problems. BUT CHECK over your prop as soon as you get it. I found locking nuts only spun on by hand until plastic part of nut made resistance on bolt threads ...never tightened on my scissor serpent. Now circumstances were beyond normal for that mess up as A&E Television was filming the making of my scissor serpent....don't bug me when I am working for same reason. That was a couple years ago. Called dave let him know and they went to their new scheduled policy after that. I think things are much better now as far as quality control. Nothing gets my local news stations interested in my place more than Scarefactory giant props. The big ones paid for themselves in the past with crowd word of mouth and news coverage.....if prices keep escalating up...maybe not so much. Remeber this is coming from a of the most stingy professions there is. Look for big wow without violent thrashing that puts undue torque on parts...get order in early....take time to peek under the latex and make sure things look good when you get it.