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Shane,Larry and Reality TV!

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  • Shane,Larry and Reality TV!

    Thank You and a Big THANK YOU Larry!!! You have allowd me to have my say and I am now the Gordon Ramsey (Hells Kitchen) of the New reality show Americas Haunted House I recieved my call back today from Robert Olson from the Sci-Fi channel hes the producer of the show. They have actually called me several times and I have meet with them twice but I could not say anything but I am now cast as the creator from hell. My job is to see that Kyle,Tater,Rob and the rest of these guys do a Haunt thats over the top!! Guys I am who I am and I will not hold back you may love me now but tomorrow you will hate me!!!! I will check and recheck everything and if I dont like it the shit is coming down and you will need to rebuild it! Will it get done in time? Will someone walk away? Will the public attend? Will it ever get finished? You will have to watch!! Anyway I hope everyone watches and I hope that everyone enjoys it! Hell who knows maybe we will see Larry make a guest apperance and me and him clash! Shane and remember Its Insane Shane from Americas Haunted House!!!
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    Congrats Shane! Can't wait to see it.


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      Just make sure Larry takes his Beano before each set, I hear he's very gassy at times!


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        THERE IS NOT REALITY SHOW... it is all bogus!

        So I hope you guys make one hell of a home movie! LOL

        Larry Kirchner


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          I honestly don't know what to believe anymore. I'm hoping this reality show is in fact real, but I'm starting to have my doubts. If this all ends up being just a very late April Fools joke I'll be pissed and wonder why we were all lied to. I for one am excited by just the idea of a haunt reality show, but it all seems to good to be true. We'll all see rather this reality show is real or not this September. I'm crossing my fingers.
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