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  • Could i get some advice?

    Hey everybody.
    Well im kind of new to the haunted house scene, and i was wondering. Should i put well known killers in my haunted house Like Michael Myers.....or Jason, maybe Jigsaw or Freddy Kruger? Or should i put...well all around scary/creepy things AKA zombies, clowns, etc etc.
    Its really appreciated
    -Dr. Giggles

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    Good question

    Lots of people say that adding characters like Michael Myers, Jason, Jigsaw etc make the haunt not as scary. People arent as scared because they know a movie isn't real. But if you use the clowns & zombies it is scarier. Kinda catch my drift?


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      Alright yeah i understand, see thats what i didnt want to happen.
      -Dr. Giggles


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        Are there people getting murdered in Sandy -a-go?
        Haven't caught the murderer yet? Put THAT murderer in your haunt, this would be scary!
        "What? You need me to introduce you? OK, this is the guy around here the Police have not been able to arrest yet, you know, the guy murdering those people here the other day. He wants to know your name and where you live, he wants to be your friend."


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          Yeah I would stay away from the horror movie characters. Just come up with a theme and stick with it.
          ~Bill Mlinac
          The Deadland Haunted House



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            Ok guys you all have been really helpfull but i have one more question. See my problem is that the Missus wont let me have the haunted house INSIDE the house, which greatly limits my ability...because i want it to be a good one...not just a walk through. Is there really any liability in having the haunted house in my own home?
            Thanks very much!
            -Dr. Giggles


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              I made a reply to your liability question in another thread you posted, but I just noticed in this thread you were asking if there is any added risk doing it inside your home compared to doing it outside. I'm not an expert, but I have worked with and for lawyers back in the day, and from what I understand, if anyone is hurt on your property, inside OR out, you are at risk for being sued. If they die of cancer, obviously, they won't collect, because that is not your fault (unless they can blame it on your falling insulation or something). But if they slip and fall in your yard OR kitchen, then they can make a claim and it's up to the jury... Usually only five of the nine in the jury box need to think the poor hurt person deserves some money... money they can give him that belongs to YOU! So do not think doing it outside your house offers you greater protection as far as the lawyers are concerned. Personal Injury law is not about justice, it is about MONEY. Some of the suits are justified, but the vast majority are just accidents that no one is really to blame, but hey, why not give the poor victim some of that rich guy's money?

              The good news is that if no one is hurt, they (usually) have no cause for a law suit. But people get scared and run in the dark and bump into things, so it's hard to be 100% fool proof. Worse yet, there are also people who try to milk the system and get quick settlements for silly lawsuits, and they may come looking, see you have assets, pretend to fall, and claim they have bruised their tailbone or something else that cannot be seen on Xray. Personal Injury Lawyers work on commission (charging nothing if they don't collect) but you have to pay your lawyer thousands to defend you, even if you win. So you can see how the system is stacked against you.

              The more I think about it, the more I wonder why I ever got in this biz. Oh yeah, for the fun and "gory glory". Good thing it's not for the profits!