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  • NorCal 2008

    Well the time is almost here - only seven weeks away - July 26, 2008

    Time for the haunters of Northern California to have their annual gathering, referred to as the "Norcal Gathering” 2008 version.

    If you haven't signed up yet, get to it. We will only allow the first 75 on the signup list in. Not being snooty or anything, we simply don't have room for more.

    Signup is at: When we are full, the signup link will be gone.

    This will be a day of sun, haunt talk, BBQ, haunt talk, meeting new folks, haunt talk, swimming, haunt talk, reuniting with previous acquaintances, and haunt talk.

    Be sure to bring your projects, videos and pictures to share.

    You don't actually have to live in the most beautiful area of California to attend, we'll still welcome you.

    We should have numerous local, commercial haunts represented, along with the home/yard haunters and Halloween enthusiasts.

    Hope to see you here!


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    ..and bring a barf-bag to pass?
    "Jimmie has some good sweet puke in there, I wunt more!"
    "Yah, where'd you get this primo puke Jimmie?"
    "From the nursing home, it's the time they take to brew it."