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wheelchair access?

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  • wheelchair access?

    Hello all,
    Does a haunted trail have to be wheelchair accessible ?

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    Technically, yes. Per the Americans with Disabilities Act, all public accommodations must be handicapped accessible. However, this is clearly not enforced in many jurisdictions (especially for seasonal events) and many older buildings are grandfathered in until they are demolished or substantially remodeled. I haven’t been to very many haunts that are totally accesssible.


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      If you are near a big city with ads for personal injury lawyers, I wouldn't try it. The ADA provided language to avoid lawyers from incentivizing law suits for these type of claims, but unofficially, they pay certain handicapped clients "finder fees" off the books. Every season, we get several calls asking if we're wheelchair accessible. When I tell them we are, the don't seem too interested any more. Out of the dozens of calls, we've only had one person show up in a wheelchair. I can't help but think most of them were fishing for that finders fee.