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Haunted House Admission Ticket Price Increase?

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  • Haunted House Admission Ticket Price Increase?

    Everything has sky-rocketed no doubt. My question is really simple do you plan on raising ticket prices this year? Why would you raise ticket prices? Do you plan on paying your staff more doing more marketing what? How much are you going to raise your prices? Like to hear some response. Thank you in advance.

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    We raised our prices for weekends close to Halloween , starting last year. We did this during 2020 Covid because we cut the group size in half (from 15 to 8), to reduce Covid risk. Then we realized the fear impact was much better as a result, so we nearly doubled our prices in 2021 to allow us to permanently cut our group size to 8 or 10. The prices start out cheaper early in October. We begin at $20 online, and $25 at the window, then gradually raise it to $30 online and $35 at the window as we close in on Halloween. (Fast Pass is always $15 more.) They are typically inside the haunt for a good 20 minutes of solid shocks, so compliments about the value far exceed any complaints about price. So our prices actually increased LAST year and not this year-- although we did add a $5 charge for the big homecoming Saturday night just before Halloween, because we didn't want too big of a crowd that might spiral out of control. It turned out to be a wise decision: There was a shooting 20 minutes after we closed down the street outside a super crowded bar, and we clearly heard it go down. 8 shot, 2 killed. Then again, they didn't have security & law enforcement like we did, but I still think adjusting your price to avoid too big of a crowd on crazy nights is one of the tools in your toolbox, and you shouldn't be afraid to use it. (Because if you don't, you'll probably be MORE afraid!)