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Darkness 2022 Transworld Haunted House Tour - Update

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  • Darkness 2022 Transworld Haunted House Tour - Update

    So let me tell you what the plan is here and how I view things.

    I announced a few weeks ago we probably wouldn't do a tour because we're super busy with projects. This is totally factual however I did turn down a job because I was concerned I couldn't complete it on time.
    So that opens the door to do a tour however, I'm on the mindset that if you can't get everything done you shouldn't show your attraction. I'm still NOT sure I can get all this stuff done in time. I won't know for sure
    until January something if we can do a tour or not .

    I'm going to IAAPA and I don't know what is going to happen there. I ordered a TON and I mean a TON of stuff from Bo (Unit 70). I have to be 110% I'm going to get all that stuff.

    Furthermore I sold a BUNCH of stuff out of The Darkness its GONE! I'm NOT opening unless I can put it all back together with all the new scenes we planned. I won't know if that is even POSSIBLE until around Mid-January.

    Once I get back from IAAPA we plan to go FULL BLOWN ALL HANDS ON DECK on the new Escape Room 'Jurassic Island'. What I can say for almost certain is that will get done because we're going to make that priority #1.

    The Haunted House is in ROUGH SHAPE and MANY things have been removed... so its NOT able to be toured.

    We're going to try!

    Here is what we're going to TRY and DO...

    1) DARKNESS: We're replacing FOUR area's of The Darkness. We're planning on adding a WEREWOLF scene, BABY DOLL scene, ANOTHER MONSTER, and SATANS PALACE scene.

    If we can get all these going and done we'll OPEN the Darkness. Furthermore we have to REPAIR EVERYTHING inside The Darkness and I'm talking about EVERYTHING. IF ALL THIS GETS DONE we'll open!

    2) ESCAPE ROOM: We're planning on building an all-new Escape Room called Jurassic Island. We think this one will be the best one we've EVER DONE! This is in the works. Furthermore we plan on adding a few new puzzles to the CELLAR our favorite escape room. Also since last TRANSWORLD we build Frankenstein - Dracula and Wizard of Oz. Some of you played those games.

    3) MINI GOLF: SINCE transworld ENDED we have already replaced FIVE HOLES and they're super BAD ASS. So that is ALL NEW and another hole is going in before Transworld called Titanic. So about half the GOLF IS NOT THE SAME since you visited Transworld last year.

    4) LEMP: LEMP CAN BE OPENED but not sure its part of our plans.

    5) CREEPYWORLD: Okay here is where things get very interesting. You have to understand everything we've been doing at Creepyworld the last few years has been about removing haunts, and adding attractions which generate new revenue. I'm sure you've seen this PUMPKIN festival events popping up where they take a mile long trail ... well I'm going to show you SCREAMPARK owners HOW to make something like that but COOLER in a SMALLER SPACE! Our plan is to get this done in TIME for Transworld.

    We have already started the space for this new attraction is almost ready to go... we'll have a massive chunk of this done and prepped within the next 2 weeks. The only issue in getting this attraction done is the vendors I'm using for light shows, carved pumpkins and whether or not we have time to build all the sets. IF POSSIBLE we'll do a TOUR OF JUST THIS attraction. WHY? Because this is the type of attraction I think everyone should build. Its going to cost me about $200,000 to build this but its going to be amazing. I have NO plans of opening Creepyworld in its entirety but if we can open just this attraction it will be worth it.

    So this is a ROUGH idea of what we MIGHT DO:

    Wednesday: Escape Room Behind the Scenes Tour: Take a tour of the escape rooms. Take pictures - ask questions - and a seminar included - Play the GOLF walk thru t $125.00 (limited to 350 people)

    Thursday: Darkness Behind the Scenes Tour: Walk thru the Darkness with NO FOG and take pictures and video. $125.00 (limited to the first 400 people)

    Friday: Creepyworld Jack O Lantern Festival Tour $50.00 (Limited to the first 800 people)

    Saturday: Darkness LIVE WITH ACTORS and MAYBE LEMP the SAME NIGHT not sure. Limited to the first 1000 guests $65.00

    To do ALL OF THIS and get ALL of this READY I would be spending about $650,000.00 if not a lot more!

    Love to hear your feedback!

    Larry Kirchner