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Mobile Haunt in 53' Tractor Trailers

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  • Mobile Haunt in 53' Tractor Trailers

    Looking at creating a mobile haunt. Does anyone have experience with creating a haunt out of 53' trailers? i used to own a scair structure but want a more transportable venue.

    Any feedback is appreciated.


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    You know in one of the hauntworld magazines we had a guy named Rich layout exactly how to build those from scratch. Go to and look thru the backissues. One says trailer haunts and it was inside two magazines.

    Larry Kirchner


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      Dunn's Scares on Wheels are built in 4 52ft enclosed gooseneck trailer.. each with a different theme. I been doing haunts for over 15 years I got tired on having 2 months to setup and only 2 days to take down. My 1st one was hard because I'm used to having all the room and building it out.. now I'm stuck to 8.ft wide.. But I love it now once they are built all you have to do is move it to a location.


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        Sorry, I've been busy working on the haunt and going to the Golden Knights games! Like the Blues, they are now able to go golfing so I just checked the Forum!!
        20201005_223409.jpg I wrote the articles in Hauntworld that Larry referred to. I have also taught several seminars at TW on the subject. I have operated trailers haunts since 1999. Last year we debuted a new Asylum rebuilt from the ground up. Yes, we built a completely new attraction in the middle of a pandemic, (looking back, I wouldn’t recommend it!!).
        I cannot emphasize enough the need to PLAN AHEAD. You will be building 6 or more separate units (I never suggest building in less than 6 trailers). All the electrical systems, sprinkler systems, emergency systems, doors, pass throughs, etc., have to be separately installed and then have to match up when put in configuration. Space is your biggest concern. As Larry said when he first toured our haunts years ago, “Damn, I have HALLWAYS that are 8 feet wide!!!”. So simple things like a switch back become an issue.
        You also have to build skirting to surround the entire exterior, fašade, stairs, platforms, all that have to break down and be transported. A trailer haunt is NOT for everyone. If done correctly you end up with the benefits of a permanent structure and the luxury of mobility.
        There is an article here in Hauntworld about our attractions :
        If you can’t find the articles email me at and I can send you a pdf .

        R&J Productions
        Las Vegas, NV