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What haunts won’t be coming back this year?

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  • What haunts won’t be coming back this year?

    Im sure there will be quite a lot of haunts that won’t be returning due to the impact of covid and not
    opening last year. Anyone keeping track of them and any thought so. How this will impact the industry in the near future?

    anyone know anything about any California haunts closing?


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    Good question, I was wondering about this myself, I'm sure that there will be a few haunts that will end up closing as a result of the pandemic. Aside from the haunts your question could also be asked about the vendor's, Larry has already mentioned a few vendor's who have recently shuttered for one reason or other, sadly I think that there will be more to come though I do hope I'm wrong about that.


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      I think a lot of haunted houses will be closing over the next few years... mostly smaller to medium haunts. The haunts that struggle to make money those haunts have been throwing in the towel over the last couple years even without covid.

      I also think you'll start to see some iconic big haunts start to close more so because some of these guys are getting pretty old. We're starting to see people wanting to retire!!! Damn we're getting old!
      Larry Kirchner