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    Importantly conversation ... when you visit most haunt websites they link basically every different type of social media but should you?

    I have removed TWITTER from my social media because no one interacts with you, its essentially worthless. Twitter is famous for one thing... high profile people interacting with the public and media. In other words Twitter is like a PR FIRM for the rich and famous. Twitter is also a dumpster fire where people love to bash on people. Twitter is losing tons upon tons of accounts, and ad revenue. I can realistically see Twitter becoming the NEW MySpace gone within a couple years.

    No I'm not beating up on Twitter because how they have kicked some high profile people to the curb... no no I'm making a point.

    Twitter is getting hammered Trump kept them relevant but now he's gone. Competition is what is making Twitter irrelevant from things they never saw coming from Tik Tok, Snapchat to Youtube all vie for eyeballs.

    So not to continue beating up Twitter but who spends money on Twitter, most of the haunt sites I could find on twitter haven't posted in several years. You forgot about twitter because your attention is on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube.

    So I ask the question why do we have to have every social media listed on our website? I don't post on twitter because its worthless. So why do I have a link to it on my website? I don't know honestly so I removed it finally.

    I think business owners should focus on the social media where you can interact with your guests and I've found INSTAGRAM is #1. From an advertisement standpoint instagram is awesome but so is Snapchat because they reach YOUNG PEOPLE!

    Facebook I've found is good but not as good reaching young customers but still good. Youtube is a no brainer. Tik Tok has a huge audience but can anyone really manage this many social media pages? So if you can't hit the eject button of the ones you don't think work for you and focus on the ones that do.

    Twitter is CLEAR CUT WORST... it has been removed from my pages. Do I really want to send people from MY site to Twitter when I don't update it? NOPE! Would I really want to send people to my instagram page if its not being managed? NO WAY!

    Going forward I think all haunted house owners should stop linking everything and only link the social media pages they're active on! Send people where YOU care to interact with customers. At the end of the day the ONLY page that matters is your TICKETING PAGE so honestly you don't want to send your customers to social media much less ones you don't manage.

    So tip of the day DUMP links to social media if you're not actively managing those pages... I am!

    Larry Kirchner

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    We don't post or buy ads on twitter. Honestly never thought of it that way but you're right about sending people off your website. We focus on facebook and instagram.