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Vendors we lost in 2020

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  • Vendors we lost in 2020

    I recently heard that Poison Props sold out all their animations to Frightprops. I didnt know if anyone had heard this. And didnt know if this was a direct result of Transworld being cancelled last year or not? Wondering if any other vendors took a massive hit in 2020? Just makes you wonder how it will hurt Transworld in anyway if many went under? Also does anyone know if Oneida/ Scareprops sold out to any other haunt company?
    Damon Carson

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    What do you mean about poison props selling their animations to frightprops, and where did you hear this? Just curious, I haven’t heard anything about it


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      Adam sold the business to Frightprops last year, but I don’t believe it had anything to do with covid. He is helping FP with the transition process and training on new builds. I have a large order in with PP right now. So far, so good.


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        Awww that’s unfortunate to hear. Wonder what his future plans are? Also wonder what that means for buyers? Love frightprops, but usually find their stuff more expensive than counterparts. Also wondering if they’ll continue to innovate with the animatronics.
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          I think we're going to lose a lot of vendors over the next 24 months along with a lot of haunted houses and escape rooms. Multiple escape rooms are out of business that is fewer buyers. Several haunts have closed up shop again fewer buyers. The haunt industry is contracting and its not all covid based, you have amusement parks taking over the industry. There is only so much customers for haunts, and the old saying is the rich get rich and everyone else gets poorer. With fewer buyers there will be fewer vendors.

          Not to mention vendors can take their talents to other industries that pay more. Passion can only take you so far. Vendors need to make more money they need to charge more for what they sell.

          Everyone in this industry needs to be able to make a living. Point to vendors don't worry about how many you sell worry about making a profit!
          Larry Kirchner