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Queen Mary Cancel Haunted House Event

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  • Queen Mary Cancel Haunted House Event

    See their response below... this is not a surprise. I expect Universal Horror Nights LA, Six Flags Fright Fest LA and probably Haunted Hayride LA all to cancel. They have little choice because their GOV keeps closing stuff. If you spend all the money to set these things up only to learn you can't operate you're worse than if you had tried. Larry

    It is with heavy hearts that we can now confirm the 2020 seasons of The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor (Long Beach, CA) and Dark Horizon: Point of No Return (Orlando, FL) have officially been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in line with federal, state and local guidelines.

    As always, maintaining the safety and security of our guests, actors and crew is of the utmost importance.

    With the uncertainty that lies ahead in the coming months, these unfortunate decisions could not be avoided.

    We look forward to the 2021 haunt season and will share more about the future when we are able.

    In the meantime, please stay safe and be well.
    Larry Kirchner

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    I think we are all getting into the same boat.... when is it financially feasible to make the decision to move forward or shut it down??

    For the big events like QM, Universal,etc their decision has to come a lot earlier than most of us. They of course have to consider the expense of converting areas over to the haunts. Outside of advertising it's their biggest cost factor.
    Smaller venues or haunts that have permanent can wait it out a lot longer. Being a temporary event in trailers I'm kinda caught in the middle. I can wait for a while, continue to work or the attraction ( of all years ...we decided to do a complete rebuild THIS year!!) I may post pone pulling the trigger on any advertising expense until the 11th hour, perhaps write a Covid Clause into my rental agreement, but once I have to commit to moving on site I too will be stuck with the decision to of whether to go... or no go.

    As I have stated from the beginning, the situation is WAY to volatile and constantly changing to make an early decision. We should wait until it is FINANCIALLY prudent to make a total closure decision. People have already shown that when given the opportunity they jump at any chance to return to "normal", those of us than CAN open should reap the benefits. Prepare for the worse, hope for the best!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV


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      The company behind Queen Mary filed for bankruptcy protection.

      Here is an article from the LA Times about the situation:


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        COVID ... I'm sure they're planning on clearing some debt and get right back on the horse. Larry
        Larry Kirchner