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Haunt Actors are Suing Universal... check out this story

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  • Haunt Actors are Suing Universal... check out this story
    Larry Kirchner

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    So is this the wave of the future??? This article will most likely be on many Halloween related Facebook Groups.
    Groups that are mainly populated by actors and haunt enthusiasts. Whether it starts a conversation there is really irrelevant.
    The seed will be planted. Will we see actors following this same path and suing us this fall? Will we see an upturn in the
    amount of patrons attempting to sue us? Can we really discuss it opening on Facebook Groups?

    Once again, this shows a need for a Private Forum to truly discuss issues that affect the industry and our BUSINESSES!
    While we all LIKE Halloween, remember this is our BUSINESS! Sometimes we need to discuss business related topics
    instead of that really cool new scare (that's actually been done before!)

    So what steps do YOU take to protect your actors? They are an invaluable part of your attraction and therefore your business.
    IF there is a complaint do you take it seriously or just blow it off? Face it, we have all had actors that over react. Perhaps they
    got a little too close, perhaps they didn't follow the actor guidelines that you have set up and a customer gets too close or does
    react to their scare striking out or making contact with the actor. How do YOU handle it???

    Sometimes it is a real concern. Sometimes it is over-reactive and "dramatic" actor that is just seeking attention. Do you know the
    difference? Do you handle the situations the same or differently?

    What are YOUR actor guidelines? How do YOU walk the line between protecting your actors, protecting your customer and providing
    the biggest and best scares available??? THIS is a topic that needs discussion.... among haunt OWNERS and OPERATORS!

    What do YOU do??????
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV


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      We're creating a waiver system this year for both guests and staff members. The waiver will warn people about risks with attending or working for us. This is all you can do and we'll be doing it this year. If a possible staff member doesn't sign the waiver they won't work there.

      I strongly suggest EVERYONE get a waiver for their staff members asap!

      Larry Kirchner


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        Good point Larry. Haunts should have waivers for their staff especially when you consider the current environment.