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  • How to Say THANKS!!

    I know it's a bit early, but optimistically thinking we'll all get through this Covid-19 and we'll have a great season because EVERYONE will need an escape....

    We should extend discounted or free tickets to the brave people on the front lines.... doctors, nurses, medical personnel when our season starts????
    What about the truck drivers trying desperately to replenish the toilet paper snatched up by the idiot hoarders????

    Maybe a special Covid Night? Show your medical ID???? Thoughts????
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    I'm still waiting to see if large gatherings are no longer discouraged in the fall. If they are still telling people to avoid crowds, I doubt health care professionals are going to be too impressed with discount or free tickets. They won't want us (or any other crowd based entertainment) open at all. Let's cross our fingers and hope the warm weather slows things down. (Although Fall is when things get cool again.)


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      Maybe social distancing. Timed ticketing. Less actors more animatronics More nights open to spread out the crowds or matinees. Might want to have a backup plan. Just saying IF?!
      Damon Carson