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    Red Wings Win The Cup!

    The Wings Have The Most Cups In America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Despite the many complaints in mondays game, there were definetly a few missed call tonight. The Pens were on the refs sh*t end of the stick for sure. (thats as far as I'll get into it)

    Not trying to take anything away from the wings, they played a great series and probably deserve the win.

    We have a young team, and I look forward to many great seasons in the Burgh.

    Congrats to Detroit fans though. I know theres a lot of Michiganers on the forums
    Jordan Renda


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      Great win!

      I never miss a Red Wing game. I love this team almost as much as I love haunting. It was a great playoff season. This was the best finals in many years. The Penguins did a great job. They have a great young team that should be in contention for the cup for several years. That makes 4 cups in 11 years. I think this qualifies the Wings as a dynasty.

      Now the cup is home where it belongs Hockeytown!

      Way to go Wings!

      Howie "Slobber" Erlich
      Deadly Intentions Haunted House/Prison
      1986-1997 (Mutilation Mansion,) 1998 (Screamers Haunted House,) 1999 (Evil Intention Haunted House,) 2000-2001 Concept Creator/Business Partner (Urban Legends Haunted House,) 2002 Floor Plan Designer and Consultant for a (Haunted Barn) Owners had city challenges & were never able to open, 2002 Floor Plan Designer/Construction (Fright Nights Haunted House) 2003-2012 Now retired Owner (Deadly Intentions Haunted Attraction)


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        WOOHOO!! yes that was an awesome game last night. It feels good to bring the cup back home again. Good job Wings
        ~Bill Mlinac
        The Deadland Haunted House


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          Wings were awesome, congrats from all of us here at GrossParts.Com!!!

          The only place to get more realistic body parts is the local morgue"


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            Game was great, I almost had a damn fit in that last six seconds or so. I thought for sure we were gonna blow another great lead.
            As much as the Penguins were on the shit end of several calls, the Wings were dealing with that pretty much the whole series, including two "non-goal" calls that replay clearly showed to be goals.


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              A great game and a great series... I don't think the outcome was ever in doubt. Though, I agree on some of those calls, that triple overtime was killing me.....

              What the Pens learned about winning in this series is going to make them an incredible team in the long run. And who better to teach ya what it means to be the best team in hockey than Detroit?