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updates how to handle charge backs

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  • updates how to handle charge backs

    only seen one post on this subject anyone have a better way to stop these

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    Pile on ALL the protections. Require address verification and everything the on-line ticket sellers offer. Yes, it will require additional steps for the customer, and you may lose a few sales, but it will probably be less than the hundred$ (or thousand$) you will lose if you don't. I'm still waiting to see how much it has helped this season as we just implemented those changes ourselves, but so far, it seems to have dramatically helped.


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      very interested to see how it helped you this year........parents can buy kids tickets on line ,kids show up scan them, parent calls credit card company says i did not authorize this ticket leap doesnt help


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        You can fight a chargeback. I'm not sure about ticket leap but in general, if you collect/verify the CVV and zip and if the purchase comes from an ip address near them I bet you will win most chargebacks. Make sure your website is accurate with your refund policy, etc. Your chargeback rate should be below 0.3% of sales. If yours is .3 or higher it might be worth it to add in some sort of fraud service such as Kount or MaxMind. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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          We get chargebacks but not as many as you think. If you use square for your box office they'll give you your money no matter what as long as you use a chip card reader.
          Larry Kirchner


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            cash only ticket booth