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  • Hauntworld Update 2020

    We have put our efforts to improve the SEO of the HauntWorld site for the last 9 months.
    Based on our efforts here I want to share the detail of improvements.
    • We are getting the visits from various states now, which was not the scenario in last season.
    • We are doing good on almost all generic keywords. We are on top 3 on such keywords and doing good in comparison with our competitors.
    • Currently, we are getting much higher traffic and page views, visits in comparison of the last few years.
    • We have used various tools to analyse the data in-depth about the competitors to perform even better than them.
    • Based on analysis we have made several changes like Canonicalization in the site, meta content management, manage the copy content across the site, JSON-LD code implementation and many more.
    • We are getting higher traffic/hits for the last one and half months. we were looking for such traffic/hit since last few years.
    • The pageviews are increase more then 100+%, Unique page views(Visits) are increase up to 85+%. 90+% unique visitor we get this year in comparison of last year.
    • Social media engagement also increased.
    • Our 80%+ traffic is organic, it means it is from search engines like Google.
    • To achieve this result, we havenít performed any paid marketing, like CPC or AdWords, etc.

    Larry Kirchner

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    Hauntworld so far has done over 25 Million Page Views! Make sure you update your listing there is still plenty of time to make customers SCREAM!
    Larry Kirchner