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Haunt Admin - Patrons who are jerks

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  • Haunt Admin - Patrons who are jerks

    Last year I had some kids who were harassing some my actors but I was able to handle it. This year, I invested in a security system to monitor the rooms in the Haunt as well as my actors. Yes, 2nd night open and the 1st ADULT jerk came through harassing my actors. He came in with a group then lagged behind waiting to catch my actors off guard - which he did. They handled themselves well and I do have in place handle signals with my actors and my security monitors to engage my bouncers to escort problem patrons from the Haunt. Does anyone else have this issue? If so, how do you handle it? Do you press charges? This is a Virginia Haunt. Thanks in advance for any assistance/guidance you can offer.

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    I can tell you how we handle customers like that...

    1) YOU NEVER want to get into with a customer while in the haunt because you have more customers in front and behind them.

    2) Once you know of customers like this the best thing to do is to get BEHIND THEM, put a flashlight on them and tell them to CALM DOWN and follow them thru the rest of the way. 99% of the time when they know you're following them they STOP!

    This is the BEST WAY to handle it.

    Larry Kirchner


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      Thank you DrFrightner! I really appreciate your response and I will advise my security. Happy Haunting!