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Q Line timing / notification for next group to enter???

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  • Q Line timing / notification for next group to enter???

    So how does everyone handle timing of letting the next group in.. How do you let the person manning the beginning (front door), know when to let the next group in.. What is everyone average spacing of groups.

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    We use a couple of ways to time the release of the next group. The first is what I imagine most use; radios. When a group gets through a certain point, an actor will use a radio or some signal to let the line holder know it is good to let the next group through. Since we are one a Navy Destroyer we also have a point that we reference on the outside of the ship. The line holder will watch the group go up the gangway and along the exterior of the ship and once the group passes a certain point, it is okay to let the next group go up. The line holder will announce the size of the group and any names of the people in the group over the radio. Now with both scenarios there are always exceptions. The line holder has to judge the speed a group is moving, how many are in a group because there are factors inside the ship that can cause some bottlenecks such as stairs. Every area has someone with a radio, so we all communicate and make sure the groups are moving accordingly and make adjustments. We've gotten pretty good at making sure there is good spacing and movement, but you will almost always have two groups run into each other at some point during the night. Some people will fly through, some will try to take as much time as they can, some will sneak off to try find a place to hide and have a little fun. That's where radios come in real handy. Everyone knows how many groups are on board and how long it usually takes a group to get to their location. If a group seems to be taking too long, we know where they were, and can search the areas in between. As far as average spacing, I think it will differ a bit for each Haunt. We all want that maximum throughput, but we also do not want the customers experience ruined by constantly running into other groups. It's a fine balance that is in flux the whole time you are open.