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Lighting 50 - 100 Pumpkins - Best solution?????

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  • Lighting 50 - 100 Pumpkins - Best solution?????

    We have decided to add a very large pumpkin scene to our hayride. We are trying to decide what the best option would be to light them? We are hoping some from of LED solution that can be turned off and on each night, much like the lighting we use in the haunt - Maybe Large Orange led spots put inside them, all ran through a flicker unit? I was hoping they would all have their own individual flicker, and with a flicker unit I feel they would all flicker with the same pattern. The solution would need to be weatherproof as well.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Greetings, I recently saw a similar question and after a minute or two I remembered where I had seen it. Go to the FB page of Wicked Pumpkin Hollow, scroll down and you'll come across a pic that shows a pile of lights, read the comment that someone left for that photo because in that comment there is a link that gives one way to light a large number of pumpkins. Hope this helps and your idea sounds great, best of luck.


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      Thanks - That is a pretty cool idea for a faulty light setup as well.


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        You could buy these string lights they have all kinds on Amazon... as long as they're LED you're good to go!

        That would probably be the fastest way. You could also just buy Christmas lights, but no matter make sure you use all foam pumpkins.
        Larry Kirchner


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          I'd recommend one of these LEDs per pumpkin, they self flicker and you can easily wire them all to one waterproof 12V power supply, no need for controllers or complicated wiring. Mount them in the bottom front of the pumpkin, this will give a nice glow without seeing the LED itself.

          Christopher Grande
          The Trail of Terror | Wallingford, CT