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Fact or fiction - sprinklers?

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  • Fact or fiction - sprinklers?

    Just had a question on "proposed" changes to the size of tent that need a sprinkler system. Anybody hear anything or is this just another rumor to put us out of business?
    George Maser
    George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)

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    Hi George - I was told by the Fire Marshall, that next month the new ICC 2018 code would go in effect and that I would have to apply for not only a "Temporary Event" permit, but I would have to apply for a "Special Amusement" permit.

    This would require me to have a sprinkler system for anything bigger than 400 sq ft. Actually, he told me even if I bought a tent at Academy, I would need a sprinkler system because under the new rules, it would be considered a temporary structure.

    The tent rental place said that currently 1200 sq ft or less would not require a permit, but after their permit department spoke with the Fire Marshals office, I was told that I would need to contact the FMO for any permits needed for a "Special Amusement" event in which Haunt Houses fall under.

    Here is a link to the ICC 2018 code for tents and inflatables:

    Everyone wants to have a safe event, but this seems too ridiculous and has shut me down for now.


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      Look at 3103.3.1 Special amusement building under 3103.3 Outdoor assembly event


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        That would be something the boca code would be changing. Different sections of the country use different codes. I'm under BOCA I'm not sure of any changes. Sprinklers for temporary tents is possible I have one for a trailer haunted house.

        It would be costly but not out of the question. Here is the reality though a ten doesn't need a sprinkler at all you could put a fire exit every 50 feet... so what good with a fire sprinkler system do? NOTHING!
        Larry Kirchner