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The Dumb People at the Halloween Show/Association are at it again.

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  • The Dumb People at the Halloween Show/Association are at it again.

    Read my blog here and comment

    Larry Kirchner

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    Don't they, or someone else pull this same stupid "We should move Halloween to Saturday" stunt every year?

    In fact if you look at the petition. They appear to be using the same petition as last year as the petition was started a year ago and already had 50000 signatures 9 months ago. So it seems they just rewrote last years press release and sent it out. That makes it and them all the more pathetic, and is probably just a way to get them some free publicity. Next year they will probably be doing the same thing all over again and claiming they have close to 100000 signatures.

    Check out the petition updates at:

    Of course the best way to guarantee that something you want to see happen withers and dies on the vine is to do an online petition. It allows people to have a split second feel good moment, like they are changing things while exerting the minimalist of efforts, but I think you would be hard pressed to ever find one that actually changed anything.


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      I wrote them a letter today read it:

      Changing the date of Halloween what are you thinking? You will kill your own industry with this ridiculous pr stunt.

      Show me one shred of research your association has done to prove out this point? Iíd bet my life your association hasnít commissioned one single research company to study this topic. Let me tell you why this is a HORRIBLE idea!

      1) Adults now already own and have staked out the last Saturday of the month as their night. And furthermore the reason Halloween isnít in the top five of most drunk driver holidays is because Halloween seldom ever falls on a Saturday. Considering every bar, and adult in the US is having Halloween parties on the last Saturday of the month all those drunk driving situations arenít credited to Halloween. If you where to move Halloween to the last Saturday I would bet it would end up as the 2nd highest Holiday of drunk drivers right behind St Patrick's Day. So please explain how this makes Halloween safer?

      Here is date for you:

      Here is another article from USA Today:

      Saturday is the MOST dangerous night of the week due to DRUNK DRIVING! So yeah not smart.

      2) Logic... do you think having Halloween on the last Saturday makes the streets safer? I already proved that is false. But do you think because its on Saturday kids are going to stay out longer than if it was on a Tuesday. Trick r Treating more or less ends at 9pm Saturday or no Saturday so you get no benefit either way.

      3) Loss of Retail: When Halloween falls on a Sunday, you will lose, Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thursday, Friday of that month in sales. Is that really a smart move when youíre not making Halloween safer? Seriously?

      4) Loss of Retail Part 2: As stated the retail industry has grown thanks to Adults having parties... now you want them to choose trick r treating/handing out candy or going to an adult party. You want people to choose NOT to buy Halloween retail every October how is that a smart move. With Halloween on the last Saturday, bars will still have their parties on that Saturday, so now a parent has to make a choice, go to a party or stay home with their kids. Do you want people to make choices or do you want as many people as possible to celebrate the holiday by spending money.

      5) Attraction Industry: Your association without any thought or consideration just arbitrarily decided to make this move without even consulting other aspects of the industry. Attractions are the driving force behind Halloween, because theyíre the ones who do 90% of all the marketing. Did you ever stop to think how this would impact that industry? Losing up to 6 days of October could cost millions in revenue. But you guys donít care you never have about the attraction side. Your association ran us off many years ago, now that your show is a virtual ghost town you want us back. Clearly you donít care about the attraction industry which is sad... the best partner ANY Halloween retail shop could ever hope to have is a haunted house who spends a lot of money on marketing. Sad your association doesnít understand that point.

      Haunts and retail should work hand in hand to create positive PR for the industry, work together on marketing, and driving sales, instead both groups are going in the opposite direction. Very sad!

      What youíre promoting doesnít help promote Halloween or retail sales, its clearly a PR stunt for your association, or a good intentioned bad idea.
      Either way you need to stop what youíre doing, or at least until you have facts that support your theory.

      Lastly, when or if you want to launch a pr stunt that could impact everyone why donít you reach out to EVERYONE it could impact? Maybe in the future your association should partner with other industries within this industry to work together not against each other. Just a thought.

      Larry Kirchner
      314 504 3970
      Larry Kirchner


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        Another update ... they have agreed to stop this program of trying to move Halloween officially. You will also see my response to that email I received today.

        Thanks for recognizing moving Halloween to the last Saturday is not a good idea. With all the bad things that happen on Saturdayís we donít Ďneed Halloween to fall on a Saturday every single year, and we donít need to lose selling days. This year Halloween is on a Thursday, this should be a boom because its like picking up another weekend November 1 and 2. Either way I want to reach out to you and let you know, the attraction side of the industry which heavily promotes the industry would work with you guys on any issue. Weíre all in this together, and should all communicate. If Halloween is strong we all benefit hence we should work together.

        There is a lot of bad blood between retail and haunt, but those fence can be mended thru mutual respect and communication. Lastly, as Iíve been telling Scott for years, the haunt industry has changed radically. The owners are now full time independent business owners and operators. Back in the Chicago days most haunts had real jobs... now haunts are looking for other ventures to invest their time and money. Weíve seen many haunt owners open amusement centers, escape rooms and even retail.

        The haunt industry could be the next boom of independent operators of Halloween retail centers putting them back into malls, their own locations, etc. They have the money, they have the experience of operating a business, and lastly they already have built in marketing. If youíre trying to grow the list of independently owned and operated Halloween retail, then you should be looking at your next door neighbors the haunt owners.

        If a program was launched to promote haunt owners to open say Halloween Express stores, or add retail to their currently locations you would find a very positive result. Doing things like trying to move Halloween thereby hurting attraction owners is not the way to start.

        Lastly, I think it would be a good thing to merge back retail and haunt, to maximize the possibility of finding new retail locations. But it would have to be under the Transworld banner as they have the stronger show and room to grow. Currently Transworld has over 10,000 buyers attending their show from across the World. Those are your new members, your future retail centers, and ultimately increase business for everyone.

        If nothing else retailers and attractions can come together and work on co-marketing deals. It would be win win for everyone but I do feel itís the best option for your association at this point. Something that should be discussed.


        Hi Scott and Larry,

        We are announcing a revision to this campaign based on the feedback from last year. It is adding Saturday as a day of celebration of Halloween -- not actually moving it.
        The full details will be shared tomorrow but we see two days of celebrating Halloween as a win-win for everyone.

        Larry Kirchner


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          Don't know if anyone saw this but now Snickers joined in on the PR saying they'd give away 1 million snickers. This thing has gotten way out of hand. This Halloween Association now are saying they're doing this to add another day of celebration to Halloween. These people are a total disaster!
          Larry Kirchner


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            So the price of selling out a timeless tradition is one million Snicker bars! For whatever my humble opinion might be worth, I believe that changing the day of Halloween would be a grave mistake and I for one hope that day never comes. Thank you Larry for fighting the good fight on our behalf. Godspeed my friend.


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              Yikes, I just heard that Good Morning America ran a Snickers sponsored promotion video to hype the moving of Halloween. According to the small article that accompanied the video, sources say the move is gaining momentum!