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  • Egyptian

    Anyone have any leads for Egyptian props? I am in need of full size Anubis, etc. Not the unit 70 kind either, I need more museum quality. Thanks! Kale

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    Greetings, my apologies for any errors in this reply, it's been a long day, it's late and I'm typing on a phone! Ok so assuming you aren't interested in having a custom piece made, I would suggest heading over to eBay and look up a company called LM treasures, I believe they have what you're looking for?

    They show a full resin Anubis specs are 26x26x72, it's slightly over a grand but they offer free shipping. My suggestion would be if this piece was it interest to you, grab it and find yourself a good artist and have it painted to your liking. I have done that in the past on full statue pieces and it's worked out very well.

    LM treasures also offers a full size Horus and a full size Thot, good luck and I hope this will be of some help.


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      You know Nethercraft sells some awesome vac form based on egyptian
      Unit 70 has a lot of monsters from this theme
      Larry Kirchner