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  • Halloween Haunt
    I'd rather see The Darkness open even if you didn't change anything. We're in St Louis for a haunted house show, and what no haunted houses open? If you don't open there should still be some kind of nearby haunt tours.

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  • Demon House
    That sounds amazing. Can you explain in more detail what is a haunted theater show?

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  • drfrightner
    started a topic Major Announcement - The Darkness

    Major Announcement - The Darkness

    I wanted to mention that I said I wasn't going to do anymore haunt tours in fact I said I wouldn't do anymore haunt tours if I didn't have anything new to offer. We do these haunt tours for the industry, and only because we have something NEW to offer you. Why would we do them if we didn't have anything new to offer? Since transworld I've been asking myself several questions about how do I reduce actors from my haunts. As an industry we can sustain the amount of actors we have to hire.

    At Creepyworld we're starting to look at that issue by reducing the number of haunted houses. We're removing a haunt and turning into an actors hang out. At Lemp that was simple we just reduced the days we'd be open. As for Darkness we started with putting the zombie haunt up for sale... but that isn't enough. As you know its hard to hire actors, retain them, etc. So if we cut out the zombie haunt, and turn this into a year around part of the escape rooms. We'll make money on whatever we install in that area, but what about The Darkness.

    That's when it hit me... what we really need to do at The Darkness and across the industry is have less haunt and more entertainment. I will remove half of Terror Visions to make room to create a new horror entertainment area at the exit of Darkness.

    The new area will include: A horror show - this new attraction will hold 30 people, features animated show, and make up for losing the zombie haunt. The great thing it won't require any actors. We'll add a horrorcade - horror themed pinball and arcade games. We will also add a VR Experience, plus our gift store and escape rooms.

    Now by cutting Terror Visions down by probably 40% won't impact it much if any... we'll squeeze the best stuff in a smaller space, and thereby cutting about 30% of the actors.

    Now here is the announcement... I'm not going to build any new scenes in the Darkness I need to take a break from that. I'm not interested in buying anymore dead bodies, or animations that jump out of a wall, or anything like that again for a while. I'm done. My haunts have more than enough props, animations and incredible scenes.

    I think the future is to offer your guests a new twist, a new direction, more options to enjoy Halloween. This is exactly what we plan to do... if we can get this together before Transworld we'll open The Darkness during Transworld. We would do this only to showcase to the industry a new perspective on how we believe that haunts need to take going forward.

    I'm going to plan on this for 2020 to create something that maybe could be open year around, something we could book out for company parties, something that might get new people to The Darkness.

    I'm going to see how Halloween 2019 goes then figure it out. But it would be a major project, removing walls, rebuilding Terror Visions, and a massive investment in all that equipment. As for building a horror theater show, I have so many lifeformation animations this would be super easy. So there wouldn't be any new scary scenes, just a complete new horror entertainment section of Darkness.

    I'll let you know by January 1st, 2020 if we do something or not.


    PS: Last Transworld build out nearly killed me. I'm not doing that again. I'm done building new massive scenes inside The Darkness for a while. I'm no longer going to put false deadlines on myself, in other words start after Halloween ends, and finish by Transworld. If I start the project and I think it will be done in time we'll make an announcement that we'll showcase this new section of Darkness. If not then we'll open it in 2021. But if we do get all this done in time before Transworld - we would have a 5th escape room done, axe throwing, bowling center, and this new section inside The Darkness. Should be pretty cool but I'm not saying one way or the other unless I KNOW for a fact it will be done without stressing myself out to the max.