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Haunt use for "Normal" items

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  • drfrightner
    Rich did you buy one? Did you test this idea because I'd like to see it in scream action. Larry

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  • RJ Productions
    started a topic Haunt use for "Normal" items

    Haunt use for "Normal" items

    Here's the difference between a Haunter and 'normal" people.

    A person sees this video and thinks...I might buy this to unclog my toilet...(it's intended use!).

    A HAUNTER see this and thinks.....I might this as a portable, non-compressor mini air cannon!!!

    Seriously... first thing I saw! Think of a haunted trail or somewhere and a compressor or even electricity is an issue. Forget the attachments, give it to an actor or mount it in an actor spot... they pump it up...wait and release..a blast of compressed air with no compressor.

    It's just how different we think!

    What "normal" but maybe usual items have you re-purposed to a Haunt use???