Today a young woman was talking alot about her job in a Wall-Mart warehouse.
I listened and listened.....
Recently my young wife informed me that at my age no employer would want to hire me for anything (nearly 59!)
When the young Wall-Mart warehouse employee stopped talking and took a breath I said, "I could get a job there as a "Greeter!"
She focused on me ,pondering what I had said, then she informed me that Wall-Mart warehouses don't have "greeters"!
"I know! I just invented my new job!"
("Thanks for showing up for work today!")

Later tonight as I was driving back from the grocery store I saw three people standing in a yard visiting. It was Ralph Hough and his new neighbors from "The City", a couple who moved to Mount Carroll after seeing my house here! (Yes they did!)
I just had to turn around, drive back and warn the new people! I stopped in the middle of the street , they looked at me , I pointed at Ralph and said:"I have to warn you about him, your neighbor," Pointing at Ralph,"he's pretending to be nice ...but he is actually ..nicer."

Ralph is a retired college administrator who was one of the small group of local people who heard me out 20 years ago concerning my wild idea to have a year-round haunted house.
He finally told me, "Smart people always find a way to get things done that they want to do."
("Smart"? I traded gobbs of physical ambition for alot of the "smart" factor needed.)
20 years ago I created my job, still working on it and in it, on it everyday, in it every night.