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  • Question 4 Larry?

    Why was the Scare Factory Post removed? Every time there are post with major discussion you delete it. Why? everyone wants to know? Did David give you a giant pumpkin? I mean this is just another post that has been removed and took off to protect another bad vendor. David is not the worst dont get me wrong but he surly needs to work on many areas of his company. I and many want to know. Shane Graystone Manor

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    Graystone Graystone Graystone

    Graystone you need to calm down, I can ask you something, who runs this forum? Larry! If he can come far enough to run hauntworld, one of the most loved haunted websites in the country, Don't you think he had a good reason for what he did? You have to realize only a very small percentage of the world is haunters, very very few. We all have to stick together, because if not the percentage of haunters will go down a sharp down hill slope. I support every single one of my fellow haunters because we all love this, that is the one thing we all have in common here.
    Anyway, Have a nice evening,


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      Oh and have fun with the cookout.


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        You are exactly right and I been preaching this for a long time this is a small industry and we need to stay informed of all things good and bad. But for some reason the bad always gets took off. So how can new people that come here make decisions on things when they cant see both sides of the fence. I mean I am all about good things I comment on them often, But as bad as the bad seems it too needs to be put on the table. Notice I said put on the table not under the table! And Thanks Were Going To Have Fun And Learn Alot We Are For Sure Will Be Banding Together. Feel Free To Join Us. Shane Graystone Manor


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          Because I started a VERY positive thread about something GREAT that happened to one of our fellow industry members and it got turned into a trash, bitch, complain session. It was going no where but SOUTH!

          I'm going out of town packing in fact...

          There was already a thread, a rather LONG one about the complains on Scarefactory. That thread was NEVER erased! It's still here... somewhere.

          If you have beef with them take it up there not on a thread about a TV show.

          Can't we be happy for someone without turning something good into something totally negative?

          Maybe its my brain... I read a zillion complaints about the tour, scareparts, scarefactory, my spelling, and everything else. I'm done with it for a while!

          We're about ummm... a few months from opening. We are building the new Darkness right now! I'm working on my sposnorship packages right now.

          Isn't anyone wanting to discuss how to make more money this october, new idea's, VIP tickets anything?

          And Shane why do you ONLY focus on the negative. I'm still waiting for you to come around to the light atleast once this year! LOL

          Larry Kirchner


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            Larry here is something positive.....

            I just saved 15% off my car insurance by switching to Geico! Shane Graystone Manor


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              Then your left front fender gets smashed they tell you that was the 15% they had not insured.
              "If only one of your other fenders or sheet metal had gotten crunched , we would be paying you right now."


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                Well Larry here is how I have seen it. You started a post on something you say is positive ok fine. You say it turned in to a bitch feast ok I am fine with that as well. What I am not fine and still to this day I dont understand is WHY YOU REMOVE POST THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BAD VENDORS!!!! Dont say you dont because you do. Does anyone else out there have a thought to why this takes place here. Shane Graysrone Manor


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                  Larry is a haunter himself like us and a vendor like them and knows them all pretty well. I guess it can be tough trying to exist in the middle, understanding our point of view and theirs all at once....Sometimes I think it would impossible from either side...



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                    Life and business is harder for some of us and easier for others , sometimes luck, basic skill or lack of, means a vast diference as to how something gets done or handled.
                    I can see being any kind of a haunt vender would be "Feast or Famine", then it begins to take off decisions have to be correctly made . Hire more help? Push yourself and the help you have harder and hope for the best?
                    Ever since I had to hire October help here I have really gotten an education as to how difficult it can be to find and keep good help, and sometimes all that I am asking of them is to show up and really , compared to almost any other job, do very little physically or mentally. Yet it is so difficult for some .
                    All of those TV shows profiling some self-made success always seems to forget to show us all the "Monkey Bars" in their climb to success. How did he go from owning 2 or 6 successfull stores to owning 500? Did he borrow alot of money all at once ? Or? they never show what went into that decision making process at that particulair fate full moment.
                    I believe that the large percentage of us are doing the best that we can with what we have to work with.