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    I once helped a major vender tare down a Transworld exhibit.
    In fact that show he probably had rented more space than anyone else.
    I could not believe what the floor looked like, they could have filmed a war or disaster movie in there!
    Piles of junk, crap, waste, broken pieces of furniture, broken mirrors all sticking upward asking to cut someone.
    That was the time I saw a fork of a forklift come withing a few centimeters of destroying the big screen TV Larry's booth had! (Did I ever tell you this, Larry?(
    Clean up! What a job, much more than most haunters not being a vender would ever imagine.
    If I was running the clean up I would deal with some dumpster-divers to take everything, but we haunters wouldn't know Anybody who would Ever dumpster-dive now do we?


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      John, I just joined, I really like the site. It is so much better that HauntWor... ooops, sorry Larry. Just kidding, I am looking forward to the Paranormal Show.

      See you there.

      Timmy Harkleroad
      Hauntus Emeritus
      Founding Board Member I.A.H.A.
      Author "The Complete Haunted House Book"

      We'll make your house everything you've ever HAUNTED!


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        i love the music on your site? where did you get it?

        when is fright times being released?


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          Fright Times is only a few weeks away!

          We have have many new features and designs downloads!..Articles by Rich Hanf, Ricky Dick, Fright Kingdom and even maze designs from "our" archives..big news on the way!!! Register now and get the details first!

          Also, Larry congrats on the new looks excellent!!!
          Visit us at