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Transworld stays in Vegas

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  • Transworld stays in Vegas

    I just got a call from my TW rep. They are staying in Vegas for 2009. The show is from March 6-9th. Just a heads up on the latest. Larry Bones

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      Welocome back

      Barry thanks for returning, this place needs you!


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        I do find this very interesting and I actually predicted it a few weeks ago. With all of the rumours that have been flying around about TW, some substantiated and others not, this was the best option for them. They already had the dates in Vegas and it is the path of least resistance.


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          Saw that coming a MILE AWAY!

          They already put a deposit down for the convention center in Vegas while the show was there...............................
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            It"s True

            I just called transworld, and they will be in Vegas on March 6-9th


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              Transworld tried to get their show to work in Chicago but there was nothing they could do...major vendors like Rubies told them if they went back to Vegas they would show. Rubies will show at Transworld 2009 just in case you were wondering.

              Transworld had a deposit on this space for this coming year but changed it to accommodate the retailers wanting an earlier show but in the end they agreed to do Transworlds show if they left it in March. It will now be the late buying show for the retail industry.

              Even with all this news on the TW front, most vendors are not excited about this concept because drayage fees and costs to attend this show are too much for this industry.

              I think what we might be on the verge of is a haunt only show, that grows into a bigger amusement show. All in all this is good news for Transworld and I hope their show continues well into the future!

              Larry Kirchner


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                Wow!!! Back in Vegas eh. Well if I'm able to get off work and go next year. I'll definitely be flying. No 32 hour driving road trip.
                ~Bill Mlinac
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                  LOL, what a messed up company. 1st Chicago, then no, then Yep its in Chicago, now nope, its Vegas. says Vegas but for the haunted attraction side it says more info coming. Shaking head in wonder.... and I thought my company was screwed up.....
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                    I think you have to understand what happened. I told all you guys weeks ago that I doubt it will go back to Chicago so I would put off planning haunt tours in Chicago. They had a deposit on the Vegas space from the get go...the reason they changed it was to protect their business.

                    The Rubies of the world wanted a January show so in order to protect their interest they said 'okay fine we'll do one'.... but in the end the Rubies and those people decided the would not attend a Transworld produced January show, and they got alot of other vendors to go along with them.

                    So Transworld had no choice but to go back to PLAN A, which was Vegas all along. At this point the best TW can hope for is the January show is very lightly attended and the buyers do more buying at their show, which will end the Houston flirtation. However I think in the long run that isn't the Rubies plan, they want the one show, and will be aggressive to promote ONLY Houston, and try to ween off Transworld all together.

                    I don't know that for a fact but I think that is the plan. Rubies has told Transworld if you do your show in Vegas as planned they will attend just not with the same amount of Rubies and everyone else will probably be at the Transworld show in Vegas 2009, just maybe not as many booths as before but probably something very close.

                    I don't think you'll see a major difference in size at Transworld 2009.

                    The issue now though is our vendor doesn't want Vegas because we can't afford those costs. We need a haunt only show. As for as Transworld moving the dates back they really had no choice, it was move it back or have no show. They choose the correct path, go back to the original plan and stay with Vegas. I think it will work out for them especially if they keep the show in Vegas believe it or not...because then its more of a West Coast show which will probably keep the Rubies of the world coming back for years. I think at this point you might see the Transworld show stay in Vegas for good...but I'm not positive.

                    I think that is exactly what will happen! We'll see...

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      Disappointing. Frustrating. Make up your mind T.W!!!
                      Damon Carson


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                        All I can say is

                        Well Damn! Shane Graystone Manor


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                            Well yes the Union costs are a little high to say the least but FOR ME it works out because i can drive to the show in VEGAS. Paying for shiping and union does suck! But i only have to deal with the UNIONS.

                            I also really enjoyed the VENDORS and PATRONS. I met so many genuinly nice people!
                            I would love to do it again!

                            IM IN!!
                            PEACE, ADAM


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                              I'm more than a little disappointed to hear the show is back in vegas. I really didn't enjoy myself this year and there were way way too many distractions. I don't know about anyone else but sales wise it wasn't my best show but I couldn't complain either. Oh well I guess I better start saving up for the costs to go back to vegas again.
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