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    Well this might sound bad. But it does give me another chance to go visit my relatives. LOL! Dont get me wrong I love them and they are great. I wouldnt have to worry about food or lodging. Just airfare and money to blow on props and maybe a little of the other things Vegas has to offer. Gambling that is. Im not a big gambler.
    Damon Carson


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      I wouldn't book a room yet....

      Now I’m just pointing out a few observations, I have NO information confirming or denying anything but….
      No one has said that the HAUNT Show is moving to Vegas, just that the HALLOWEEN and PARTY Show is moving to Vegas!
      Remember TW broke us off the main show.

      Go to the web site:
      It lists the 25th Annual HCP Show being on Vegas March 6-9 2008.
      The 14th Annual National Haunt and Attractions Show?.... “INFORMATION COMING SOON”.

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I was sent an email request to take a Trade Show Survey. It was put on by a marketing research company.
      They asked things like what show have you attended? What time of year do you prefer? What locations would you attend?

      Just who commissioned the survey or why was not addressed. But it makes you wonder…..
      Someone wants feedback on the convention experience… TW has NOT announced a location for HAUNT Show in 2009…
      I wouldn’t start booking air fare just yet!!!

      It seems the TW saga continues!!! Our own "Haunt Soap Opera"
      IN A DEEP ANNOUNCER VOICE: (brought to you by "Hauntworld!" the world's largest Haunt related site! Is your Haunt listed?
      Go to TODAY !!!) I bet Hanfadomous' brain is reeling from overloaded psychic messages!!!!!
      R&J Productions
      Las Vegas, NV


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        I guess I can be happy about cutting off a few hours on my flight, a two hour flight to a new "haunt show" as opposed to a 5 hour flight to the old one....Vegas is just so 2007.



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          Whats Up?

          So no one knows anyting about this yet? Larry?

          How about the vendors who were contacted? Did they tell you anything about the haunt show?

          Seems as a way to make the halloween and party people happy, maybe Transworld finally thinks the way to do it is make two separate shows, separate dates, separate locations possibly.

          Anyone? Anyone?

          Chris Stafford
          1331 Entertainment Group
          Denver Haunted Houses - The Asylum & 13th Floor Haunted House
          13th Floor Haunted House - San Antonio, Texas
          13th Floor Haunted House - Phoenix, Arizona


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            If they do two separate shows, I would hope that there would be alot of crossover vendors. We do a lot of orders from the costume/makeup/prop vendors that are in the HCP section, and I would really hate to have to go to two tradeshows to get all my ordering done.
            Katie Lane
            Raven's Wolf Art Productions (

            Bansheette Morningstar (


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              Well lets hope we get an anouncement soon. I am going no matter where it is as long as there will be vendors to buy from whether it is back in Vegas, Chicago, or somewhere entirely new. I just would like to know soon.
              Jared Layman