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Trailer Haunts?

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  • Trailer Haunts?

    Does anyone have any information, or know a website or resource where I can get information on regulations, laws and safety information on trailer haunts? Like is there a maximum number of trailers that can be used, the correct way to link trailers together safely, do the hallways have to be a certain width, do you have to have an emergency exit in every trailer, do you need lit exit signs, emergency lights, portable sprinklers, etc? I know there are probably specific laws for every state and city, but I am just looking to get the basics that will be pretty standard universally across the board. Any help will be appreciated? Thanks,
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    You should really check with your Local Zoning government first.
    before you do anything.
    Our first location had tons of restrictions , we
    moved 30 miles out of town. to a location that has No Zoning laws.
    Ghoul Town