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Hauntworld Magazine Issue 19 Revealed

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  • Hauntworld Magazine Issue 19 Revealed

    Okay haunted house nuts...

    You asked for it and we went out and made it happen... drum roll please!

    For the first time EVER, NEVER covered by anyone in the HISTORY OF OUR INDUSTRY ... the next cover of Hauntworld Magazine is...

    The BLANK and the BLANK BLANK


    We are featuring NOT one, NOT two but THREE different haunted houses on the next cover of Hauntworld Magazine. YES THAT IS RIGHT THREE different haunts... can you guess them???

    I will give you a hint two of them are in the same state and are both in the MIDWEST...and NO they're not my haunted houses.

    Now we will reveal the featured haunts within days, along with a shot of the next cover. I think you will LOVE IT.

    Here are some other articles that will go down in haunted history...

    I am writing the article we ALL NEED, we need this for more than you can imagine...

    The History of the Modern day Haunted House Industry...

    You will find out everything that has happened in this industry over the past 15 years, the who, the what and how everything got started. You will find out what was the first haunted house franchise, to the first haunted house animation, to the first haunted house videos, what broke the industry wide open, you will learn it all.

    I'm not sure many know the story, but I will tell it to you, it will be the biggest story EVER written. You will now be able to tell the media in your market the history of this industry in full detail.

    What do you think of that????????

    Additionally, there will be a story on the Kennywood Dark Ride with full pictures and inside details.

    On top of that if that wasn't enough, a Hauntcon report, Transworld update, yes you want to know what is going on right well we'll tell you...

    Additionally, whew, let me catch my breath, we'll feature a story on Universals new Chamber of Horrors attractions, and yes there will be more...

    Again let me catch my breath... you will learn the REAL directions and plans for the new HHA, we will also reveal the new Hauntworld TOP 13 list.

    Could there be more you ask???

    Well yes there could... someone recently called me to the carpet, and rightly so about never actually publishing the Rocky Point Auction report...we have the photos and we'll show them to you. Many behind the scenes stuff and we'll finally do that.

    We'll also get a report from the Eastern Haunters Convention as well.

    Could that be all???

    Do you have an article, do you have an idea? Let us know!

    Maybe there will be more who knows!

    Larry Kirchner

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    drfrighter issue 19

    you have a e-mail.


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      My guesses for the haunts that will be covered are The ScareHouse (PA), The Haunted School House (OH) and I'm not really sure about the last one. Well if you are covering The Haunted Laboratory which is next door to The Haunted School House I would think that those would be the 2 that are in the same state. But I doubt you would be counting those as 2. So you are most probably covering 2 haunts in the Ohio area and one of them is The Haunted School House. I'm also thinking that a Chicago haunt will be covered possibly Dream Reapers. But I'm probably way off on my guesses. What does everyone else think?
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        I am thinking it will be either the Scarehouse or Bates Motel(PA), the Haunted School House, and Dead Acres(OH). I might be wrong but either way I am guessing! I think the article on the History of Modern Haunting will be something different, but entertaining. I am also glad to see that the pictures from Rocky Point will be featured!
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          The new magazine cover will be posted probably today (monday).

          So the haunts we will cover will be revealed.

          Now let me guys gave me a list of haunts you wanted. One of the haunts on that list I noticed had NEVER been covered by anyone, yet most people wanted to know more about these haunts.

          So I called based on several of you saying you would love more info...and to my pleasure they agreed.

          So its coming a haunt you have all told you wanted over and over again over the years...

          The cover is coming soon!

          Larry Kirchner