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Suggestions or Ideas on materials needed!!

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  • Suggestions or Ideas on materials needed!!

    First off we are building a vortex this year and would like some suggestions on what type of material we should use for the tunnel covering, it must be flame retardant or it wont pass our fire marshall.

    The second material question I have is, we were told about a room that uses inflatable walls to create a kind of tight squeeze sounded interesting and we have come up with quite a different way of using this style question is what kind of material should be used to make something like this??? I'm assuming something like ripstop nylon but that seems a little thin. Anyone know a company that sells this material and only the material, I would be interested in buying the effect itself but for our needs we would have to custom make it to fit our idea.

    Thanks for any help.

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    These effects can be so quick and easy to make.
    If the average customer coming through your place is over 5 ft. 8, nail a 2 by 4 across a doorway at a height of 5ft. 6 and watch the spinning and walls moving begin!
    If they don't see and feel the full effect have them go back and get a run at it!
    You're Welcome.


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      Commando Cloth/Duvetyn



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        GEP productions will sell you a tunnel fabric made to size, painted or unpainted. Talk to Alan he will hook you up.
        Nate Mitchell|creative consultant
        [n8 creative studios]


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          Now for the inflatable part?

          Ok that answers my questions about tunnel fabric.....Any suggestions on the fabric used for the inflatable idea?