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    Did you build that set ongoing to the show? A few years ago I helped a classic car body shop organize a rebuild of a 1970 AAR Cuda during a major car show...they had only four days to rebuild and paint the body while the car show was going on. That was fun!

    I think that would be cool at a tradeshow to totally build a booth...something really complicated with foam carving and all.

    Like throw up a picture and say... we're going to build this over this show.

    Something that people say can't be done but somehow you make it happen!

    People can keep coming back and check on the progression.

    That would be cool! How was your set done during the show during your seminar what?

    Larry Kirchner


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      I can't say ANY DETAILS but our company is about to do a MAJOR project in this area, so the project we're doing or will be doing will be open by Hauntcon 2009 and will be open year around.

      We haven't signed the contract on this yet but it will be a HUGE project. In fact these people are meeting us at Kennywood to see our Dark Ride there this weekend.

      It will be pretty major!

      So we'll have some attractions in that area next season!

      Larry Kirchner


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        They built that in one day as a Monday seminar from scratch.

        Another fabulous post from the U.S.Department of Wild Imaginings, now in spectaclar stereo, sponsored by the Adhesives and Sealants Council, suggesting ways to stick things together since the 1800s. Not fabulous in a gay way. Your results may vary. Illinois residents add 8% sales tax. These posts have been made by professional post makers, do not try this type of posting on your own without extensive training, lovely assistants and a trusty clown horn.


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          Barry - thanks.

          That's 20 min. from my house. In all honesty, I'd rather go the 2-3 hours away in the Dells - more hotel/entertainment options there. Hoping there are some unique/different haunts they are showcasing too.
          Blood & Kisses,

          ~ Nicole

          Production Team Member
          The White Star Farm
          "Hey Baby, this blood's for you."


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            Nicole, Are you saying you wouldn't want a mere 5,000 haunters showing up at your door ?
            Well! I never! (would either!)
            Of course when word gets out the alien Mother Ship will begin boarding passengers ........


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              Bottom Line

              Looks like fun was had by all!!!!!! Shane Graystone


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                Hey the Wisc Dells can be FUN!! My brothers in Chicago call it “White Trash Orlando”!!!!
                CAN’T afford to take the family to Orlando this year???? Go to the Dells!!!

                Some think the Dells is kind of hokey, but hey, it’s still around, and VERY successful!!
                They know what they are, who they appeal to and they embrace it!!

                I stated from day one that HC could be successful if it played to a specific niche, which is what it seems to be doing. Leonard focused on the haunt enthusiasts and let’s face it, when not conducting business we are ALL haunt enthusiasts! But HC in not and will probably never be a TRADE SHOW. By definition a trade show is “a large exposition to promote awareness and sales of especially new products within an industry.” By definition TW is a trade show. HC’s focus is NOT promoting products. It focuses on the end user, us. It focuses on tours and parties, not the business of doing business.

                This is NOT detrimental at all. It can have its place and do extremely well, just ask attractions at the Dells. But it is not a trade show, period. You go to a trade show to conduct the business of business. If you have a good time in the process…bonus!! HC is the exact opposite. You go to have FUN, if you do a little business in the process…bonus!!! (Plus we get to write it off on our taxes!!!)

                As a fan show, HC needed to keep moving, why? The Trade Show presents new products, at HC the new “products” are haunts and tours. So if you move to new locals and present new and different attractions you stay successful! If HC quits trying to fool itself and everyone else that it is a “trade show” and concentrates on its strong points it can become VERY successful.

                It’s simple, just stay away from the trade show time slot. We still have to conduct business. Don’t get too close to our season, we still have to build and prepare. Don’t go just after our season, we’re too pooped!! If it is placed in that right time niche and promotes the FUN aspect we probably wouldn’t even care where TW goes because we would just do our business and save the fun activities for the new HC city of choice!!! Mid to late May seems the best, the weather’s not too bad for most areas, you don’t have to tend with summer tourist crowds, kind of an off travel season so you might find deals….

                Drop the whole “Trade Show” and “For Haunters-By Haunters” monikers, it is neither. Instead brand it as “HC…FUN for Haunters!” (note to LP, you can use it, I have to problem) Remember WE need a little R&R as we prepare for the HELL of a new season, why not provide it??? I’d LOVE the opportunity to go see other attractions, just hang out with other haunters and not feel pressured. The vendors could go, enjoy themselves and not have to worry about making enough money to justify their involvement. They just go to have FUN!!! Face it, you’ll meet and greet, press the flesh, have a few drinks, socialize, but SOMEONE will ask you questions about your product line! (Talk shop and you still right it off your taxes!!!)

                This is like a single haunt trying to promote himself as a “ScreamPark”, sure you can do it, but how many people get pissed off because it’s not what they expected? HC needed to emphasize its strong points and quit trying to be everything for everybody…it doesn’t work. Instead of people concentrating on the fun they had, they complain that there weren’t many vendors; vendors complain that they didn’t make any money….why fight it??

                Don’t tout what you AREN’T ….embrace what you ARE!! It’s the key to success and longevity! Did anyone mention cheese curds???
                R&J Productions
                Las Vegas, NV