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Cleaning Up the Clutter!!!!

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    There is also the stone tablet method letting the customers post next to the listing bitching that the place was closed, have the date of their post next to it and someone seeing a three year old post saying it was no longer there might actually give the next customer a clue.
    The accuracy would usually only be off one season.
    Maybe a big Oui-Ja board selector would contact at least the spirit of a haunt/gone and the fun times could be revisited and enjoyed, almost making the haunt come alive again, wouldn't this be nice?
    Mr. Tuxedo Industries has such a program available for only $55,000. A bargain at half the price!
    Of course if you are not personally gifted and psychic you will just have to take his word for it that it is working, those things are like that you know.
    You Are Welcome.


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      LOL @ Jim

      I vote Oui-Ja board. Larry... Make it happen.

      Hey, Larry... Thought you might've turned yer head away for a moment. Now that I have your attention... Make it happen. Seriously... Larry... Hey... Is this thing on... The Oui-Ja function would benefit the industry in ways that are unimaginable. Hey, Larry... Are you reading this?? Helloooo...
      To look meant danger, to smile meant death!


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        Mayhem Motel in Lubbock Texas was not open for the 2007 season.



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          Ok Haunters.....

          I have just about got Alabama cleaned up. Grant is working of Texas. Adam is getting Illinois. Gravestalker is getting Connecticut. BackInBlack137 is working on Pennsylvania. Brett has got Indiana. Surly others can step up and help Larry out dont you want so see your state current? Come on its not hard help him out your only helping yourself out by doing it!!!! Shane Graystone Manor.


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            cleaning up Alabama

            There are more than 10 that need to be off there that are no longer in buisness.
            Terror at the depot.. The haunted .. and some I've never heard of...
            Why cant Larry just contact these people, if they don't respond then take them off the list...


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              Good Point

              Paul looks like there is others as well I tried to contact thoes 2 and have had no responce I know why now.From what I am told Sloss might be added sometime soon!!! Looks like yall are putting the nail in the coffin!!!!!!!!! Shane


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                Did you get the ones Paul said was out and the other 2 I heard back from. Looks like everyone else is ok with their states no one is helping out in their state. But I am sure the ones who helped is happy with getting their state cleaned up I know I am!! Shane Graystone Manor


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                  Maryland is all good.


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                    FYI...I'm in Pittsburgh working on a dark ride for Kennywood. Once I get back I will attend to the handfull of listings you've mentioned.

                    HOWEVER... I had my office manager go through the site yesterday and she checked ALL 2000 PLUS listings and deleted all multiple accounts, and listings with bad urls, etc.

                    In total we deleted about 200 plus listings. Maybe Adam, will be happy!!! LOL

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      cleaning up Alabama

                      Update heard from a couple of more.
                      Deatsville Trail of Terror ( gone)
                      The Terror House ( no contact, no directions, no active sight, no info at all)
                      There is 3 left I have not heard from and Alabama will be all cleaned up thanks Larry everyone who has helped and again Larry will help if someone steps up and works on their state.
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                      Oh Deatsville Trail of Terror is gone, thats sad we just went to that one this past Halloween and it was very neat. Its like a long hayride through the woods, I think
                      they have been doing it for years. They had hundreds of folks there.

                      Have a great Saturday
                      Come Scream with us at SCREAM FARM


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                        thnx 4 doin this great servic!!!!!!!!



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                          Hey Guys

                          Has everyone steped up and got the out of business haunts cleaned up in your state if not you might want to get it done!!!! Shane