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    So it's settled then I have two good options. Pay several thousand dollars or just offer them free pizza! Thanks guys! I have seen some haunters that may actually be able to eat thousands of $$ in Pizzas over the season....



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      No cares, but here's my 2 cents

      Dr0z said...
      "anything that's not a prosthetic was done in 3 to a max of 10 minutes. With 30 - 50 actors in an hour with 3 - 4 makeup artists you never get much time to do more than one or two good ones a night."

      I have several years of this exact experience and you hit it right on the head. And unless you've been the "one in charge" if everyone isn't in makeup by opening, you don't "get" the amount of sacrifice in detail and creativity you have. I've had nights where it was a necessity to have functional make up first. Can we do amazing makeup? hell yeah! Can we spend 40 minutes on each actor all the time? Hell no!
      what was said about someone starting out that will work for free stuff was a good observation and a good way to try out to see if talent exists without wasting money before you see the product. Unless they are established and known talent,(like Rob, Jason and Geoff) it shows a certain dedication.

      In all reality - who, in any profession, gets paid what they're truly worth? In this day of multi task or you're fired and jobs leaving the country at a rapid pace - we are lucky if we get paid anything at all for "frivolous"jobs. Defeatest attitude, huh? LOL I think this should be a political platform! I bet we could get Warfield to run for President! What do you think????
      Do Vegan Zombies eat heads of lettuce?


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        I respect all of you guys and what you do.
        Great.....I Have to Pay people to let me put make-up on them. Even my own
        All you guys doing this stuff....praise and respect to you, you all seem to do great work.


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          Makeup Artist Pay Scale

          Thanks Rob and Katie for the supportive comments as well. Maybe we can start our own makeup artist union. I elect Jason Blazczak as president! Seriously, it is actually good their isn't a haunted attraction makeup artist union. If there was, it would just create an environment that would breed laziness where there would only be a few really good makeup artists that apply themselves, and others wouldn't practice and try to get better, but would expect to be hired because they were part of the "clan." My point is that by having people work hard at their skill and pitch their talent as individuals with their merit riding on their own reputation to haunt owners who have heard through the "grapevine" through other haunters about that artist and their ability works better. Yes, it is a little more like the wild wild west, but I think that works better in a "real" world of haunters hearing from a lot of new artists with a lot of inpiration, but not enough skill to really demand what only a seasoned artist with many many years of experience can. More importantly, only someone with many years of experience can deliver on a nightly basis both on a creative level as well as a quantity level.

          Geoff Beck

          P.S. DrOzombie, I know you weren't trying to pick a fight. That is why I said at the beginning of my post that I understood you were playing devil's advocate, and that I was just doing the same. I was just using the specific words you chose (great makeup artist) to prove a point. That being the fact that a lot of us "veterans" know what it took to get "here", and that there shouldn't be any confusion between that talent and someone who is a "newbie" even though like you said they try real hard. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but again, as you know, there is a huge difference between a beginner's effort and inspiration, compared to one's proven ability, skill level, and talent. Thanks for listening. Peace.
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          Geoff Beck is an acting and makeup veteran of 13+ years who has been involved in educational seminars and has worked as a coordinator for many different haunts. He has directed PLAYING WITH FEAR, and HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME ONE.


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            I elect Jason Blaszczak as president!

            Geoff you could be on to something, i dont know about the whole jason blaszczak as president thing, but it would be good for someone to help monitor the growth of talent by calling, or e-mailing them on tricks of the trade or suggestions??? I dont know guys what do you think!!! this could be a great idea. Also geoff dont exclude yourself out of this you have many great dvds, what about bodybag or evilusions?? they deserve to be in the mix, or lets make it a challenge of who should be the president..... This could be fun !!!!
            Just some random dude

            Jason Blaszczak
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              If any of you makeup artists want to go see the latest in makeup materials or go rub shoulders with the Industry pros, check out this trade show:


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                Screamline has been thinking about going to this show for a long time (as a vendor) for all of our latex, i hear nothing but good things.... WHAT DO YOU THINK INFOAMTEK??? Do we stand a chance against all the other latex guys..

                Jason Blaszczak
                SCREAMLINE STUDIOS
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