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    Jim O'Rear, now that name is a blast from the past? Is he still active in the haunt industry? I remember his magazines......among other things including this forum.



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      I was one of "the kids" that worked on Castle Dragon with Jay. I started in 1993, when I was only 13, I worked every year with him, and in 1999 I ran the house on my own, without Jay. Anyone who has downloaded the archived pictures from Castle Dragon has pictures of both my mother and me. I typically played the role of the victim in the torture chamber, and Jay built the X shaped table for me. I painted the black and red swirly walls, and I was a contributing editor for one of his books. Castle Dragon changed my life, and I loved that place more than anyone can know.

      Jay was a close family friend; in fact, he spent several Christmas Eves with my family. He was my theatre coach. Yes, he had a hot head and a loud mouth, but that was why we loved him. My mother was the only one I knew who ever made him blush.

      I am so very happy to see his memory, and his work, living on here. If anyone could get me a copy of his DVD, or send me a link, I would greatly appreciate it.


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        The photo that Larry put up

        That photo is actually from a movie that was filmed at my haunt
        in July of 2007. The movie is called SCREAM FARM after my haunt.
        Jim O'Rear was the writer and director and I was one of the
        producers. We are very proud of this little action packed Zombie
        film and its already being sold presales on Amazon, it comes out
        officially in July 2008.

        Thanks for putting the photo up

        Kimberly Lynn Cole
        Come Scream with us at SCREAM FARM


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          I read Corn's books and found a lot of really usefull ideas and good solid information. I did think he was a bitter, grouchy old man. Then you read the articles he had on his webiste, and you understand where it all came from. He has an article that tells the story of his haunt year by year. You really come to understand how much he loved working with kids. And, you see how the things that happened to him made him grouchy. There was a lot in his books that I didn't understand until I finished my first year running a haunt. Then I looked back and I totally understood where he was coming from on a lot of things. Let me know when I the DVD is available, I'd like to see and hear from the man himself.


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            Thanks to Nightmare Tony

            Thanks to Nightmare Tony for sending me the JB Corn information
            and cds. Tony is a very sweet guy and he will share the information if
            anyone asks for it.

            I got time to check it out only in the last few days and its got a lot
            of useful information. I am very sorry he passed away! I wish him
            eternal rest!

            Thanks Nightmare Tony!

            Huggs and Screams

            Come Scream with us at SCREAM FARM