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    I just wanted to say to everyone in the industry a few thing. For starters I really appreciate everyone who's attended our tours over the years. You know a lot of people in this industry think I only like praise which is totally false. The hardest haunt tour we ever did was the first one, we did more work on The Darkness than any year since... we spend well north of a million dollars which includes building a new additional onto The Darkness.

    Inside of a four month period, we built a building from ground up, the horror museum, Terror Visions 3D and renovated The Darkness all over the place. I thought for sure we'd never get it done, but we learned more about getting stuff done in that year than ever before. That year almost killed me and wouldn't you know when we open for the industry the first time we forget to charge our radios, had a really tough time opening, and many people got mad at us. Despite all those efforts one little thing ruined the whole opportunity to open for the haunt industry. We really learned more from that experience than ANYTHING EVER! You can't get better at anything without some failure. Your comments helped me grow that I can tell you!

    Even though many of the rants where totally out of line, I originally said I wasn't doing that again no way no how! But after doing again and again and again and again, and each time almost killing me, my staff and well my bank account it has officially come to an end. There has been many years we did more than anyone should have ever expected such as build that zombie haunt, plus the escape rooms plus renovating the darkness on top of it. That was a really crazy renovation season.

    You would think I'd learn my lesson and I didn't.

    I have probably spent well north of 4 to 5 million dollars on these tours over the 10 years. I started thinking of the house I could have bought, or the summer home I could have in the bahamas (LOL). I can't do any more haunt tours after this one.

    I've actually decided i will NOT be attempting to OPEN Creepyworld next year. Additionally we will NOT be opening LEMP either next year. I'm also highly doubting I will open Darkness either for the simple fact that I'm not spending anymore money on a haunt that has more cool scenes, props, animations, and more than any other haunted house I know. BTW that isn't patting myself on the back that is admitting I'm damn crazy! LOL

    My plan is to spend my time and money building some sort of social bar complete with escapes, axe throwing, pinball, and bowling. This will be my next project, no more haunted house tours. I will also focus on helping every single haunt owner sell more tickets online while saving them a fortune with and fixing any problems with to help haunts find new customers.

    When I say I highly doubt I will open Darkness, maybe I will but it would be the same Darkness you see this coming tour. Considering I said I would never open it if I didn't do something spectacular then well I guess I won't. But maybe someone will talk me into opening for the people who haven't seen before I don't know. But as of right now I WILL NOT be opening Creepyworld, Lemp or Darkness. However we will probably build a new escape room 'Dracula' and build a social bar so we'll do something there probably.

    This is what I'm saying RIGHT NOW and I'm about 95% positive this is the last tour I will ever do! I strongly doubt I will change my mind but we shall see if we open the darkness just for people who haven't seen it. Right now I'm saying NO!

    With all that being said I wanted to THANK EVERYONE for their support, attendance, kind words, which has given me juice to re-charge the battery to do it again.

    But I'm really run down now...

    So here is the bottom line you're ALL INVITED TO ATTEND this tour THIS YEAR! We did renovate Lemp, its going to be incredible. We did build a new escape room for Darkness, and built two new scenes, and enhanced others. I think we built the best scene we've ever created this year! So with that being said we do invite you to come one last time. HTTP://DARKNESS.FEARTICKET.COM

    If you don't come that is fine as well... but again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your support! It's just time to bring this to end and I kind of decided this about a month ago but wanted to mull it around and I've decided.

    Again thank you very much!

    Hope to see you at Darkness this coming Transworld. Now being billed as the FINAL SCREAM TOUR! LOL

    Seriously though THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'm going to give everything I've got for this last tour and I hope you enjoy it!
    Larry Kirchner
    Larry Kirchner

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    Hopefully you reconsider. Visiting The Darkness is a highlight for our crew. See you guys in March.


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      I don't see how you have done it this long?!

      I know HPI has an amazing team. But opening for Transworld for this many years has had to be grueling. And having to be the best for everyone in the industry had to a hard thing to top year to year. I don't blame you for changing your mind on Creepyworld. The last two Winters here in Missouri have been long and grueling! I think a social bar is a great idea. Maybe even a horror themed bar. Or at least change it up and be horror themed in Sept and October. And then during Transworld that would rock! But I have been on the behind the scenes tour. It was amazing! I helped during Transworld in past years as an industry actor at both the Darkness and Lemp and Silo X. Several years. I thank you for the opportunity to scare other haunters. And the chance to upmy game to another level. And to make it feel like just another night in October scaring the best of best in the haunt biz. And we did! Congratulations on such an awesome run w the haunt tour and the Darkness. And here's to the future! I can't wait to see what great things you and your crew do!
      Thanks again & best of luck you all deserve it.
      Damon Carson


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        Thanks for everything you've done for the industry larry.

        I know myself and I'm sure many others have found your work both inspirational and educational.

        I'm sure your next projects will be equally successful.


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          The Tour was amazing. Thank you for opening and consider opening again. Every Transworld its a real highlight.


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            Now that the show is over I've already had like 25 people tell me... oh you're opening again! Let me tell you something every single year I think the same thing not going to do this again and we do it again.

            So I see where everyone is coming from I really do. Never before however have I said this early on I wasn't doing it again. I got burnt out about 6 weeks prior to Transworld. We spent a lot of money this year, and people really enjoyed the tour no doubt there. I think we did a great job, and I appreciate the feedback.

            After having a few weeks to calm down, catch my breath, the stress is off you, yeah you kind of go maybe.

            After telling people we would NOT do it again, we had a ton of people ask us to re-consider. Most people want us to open Creepyworld.

            Let me tell you what has been SO HARD... we haven't been renovating ONE HAUNT, we've been working on Lemp, Escapes, and Creepyworld.

            You might ask how have you been working on Creepyworld... well we've been working on it for three years straight hoping we could open it for Transworld.

            We've done more work there than of any of the three places, trying to put it in a position to open. Most of the work done out there has been towards Transworld.

            I will say my biggest interest would be to open Creepyworld to showcase a SCREAMPARK, I just don't know if we can. The weather this year was BRUTAL!

            Larry Kirchner


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              Well Larry, I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you quit opening for the show. Way too much work and stress. I have attended The Darkness probably 5-6x. I won’t do that one again. However, I would check out Creepyworld. So if you do consider anything, consider Creepy.
              Fear Asylum Haunted House



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                I wouldn't just consider doing Darkness again I would do Darkness again. Every year you change a lot of scenes, it almost seems like a new haunted house. I have no doubt you're spending a lot of money doing the tour, the attractions shows it every single tour. I was standing in the gift store area and heard several people saying they hope you open it again. At the Ren several people said it was amazing experience. I really appreciated the nun scene the most, even though it seemed more money went into the Skull Kingdom scene.

                Hey I'm up for anything do Creepyworld do Darkness whatever. The behind the scenes tour was Darkness because there is more to look at, see and experience. The Lemp however was the better haunt this year for scares, actors and more. I hope you open either one or all of them. Great job once again.


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                  Capt Chaos,

                  Why wouldn't you consider coming back to Darkness. I'm just curious. I had a meeting yesterday with Transworld and a bunch of other vendors about the 2020 tradeshow. My haunt tour came up for topic.

                  Ghost Ride told me that all the reviews they heard where like wow best ever, loved all the new scenes, etc.

                  When you look back over 11 Darkness haunt tours and every year we change a massive amount of stuff, its almost like a new haunt every year, why wouldn't you come back if we did something really cool

                  My real issue with doing it again is simply that I'm not sure I want to do something super cool again to a haunt that is already got more props, animations, and everything between than any haunt in the entire world.


                  I'm really worn out from it honestly. I'm still recovering but wanted to know why you would say that. Thanks Larry
                  Larry Kirchner