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  • Your Best Scare or room

    Hello fellow Haunters:

    I have been out of the industry for several years due to medical reasons. I have recovered and I am looking to get back into the industry. I am hoping that some of you would be so kind as to share with me your best room designs, scares, and provide input on new trends and themeing. As they say, you get one chance to make a first impression. Any help and guidance would surely be appreciated. The haunt size will be about 6,000 SF for main attraction and we have buildings and additional space to add in several side or upgrade attractions in the 2000-4000 SF range. All input, pictures and videos are much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Brian

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    I think the best scare is a good actor. Nothing can replace a great actor. Inside our haunted house we have a trap door locked with chains. Have you seen the movie Evil Dead? We built a scene like that and an actor raises it and rattles the chains. Because its near the feet they never expect it. Great scare. DH


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      We installed a flying rig last year and it worked great.


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        I personally don't think there is such a thing... there are animations that get people and honestly its the same couple. Most animations do not scare anyone unless they jump out of a wall and scream.

        You can rig up sound fx, air cannons, anything LOUD scares people.

        In the end a really good actor is the best scare. One of the things I try to do is not over complicate the wheel. One of my favorite things to do is build doors for example that look like they're open... but really an actor hides behind them. I like doing things that look natural offering a place for the actor to hide.

        Larry Kirchner


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          Thank you for your replies and insight. I appreciate it. I agree, actors make or break a show for sure. Thanks again.


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            A plan- any plan- is where it starts, but it always ends with the actor.

            Our focus is enabling the actor with a good set, a good setup and tools and toys to execute the scare.

            Like I said ANY plan can work- its how you orchestrate the elements, and obviously it can take minutes or months to form a concept.

            I like to think about how movies scenes work and reproduce that process- show them the idea in a form they can recognize quickly, set them up with unknowns that look like a potential threat and then hit them with the enabled actor.

            We have a bear-trap scene in the works that starts as part of our wood shed set and gradually builds into walls of hanging bear traps all over the place within inches, finishing with two giant 3' bear traps hanging just overhead, in the cut-your-head-off range, that snap as you walk under (No, not all the way closed unfortunately) that serve as the distraction for the kick-down actor with chainsaw.

            All of our traps are hand made out of plastic sheet and EVA foam.

            After all these years it hasn't gotten any easier to hit a truly successful scare, but fleshing out the ideas once established, is a lot more fun!
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