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    Hello Las Vegas haunt owners/operators. I am a haunt owner from Ohio, on vacation in Las Vegas this week through Saturday. Would like to know if there is anyone who still has their haunt set up, be willing to give me a tour of your attraction. I love seeing other attractions, and talking haunt ideas over with other owners. If you have the time, please text me at 810-577-9898 and leave me contact info. I didn't bring my laptop with me, so phone is the best way for me to see your message. Thanks so much. Looking forward to any replies. Pete.
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    Vegas Haunts

    Sorry , but we are all broke down and off property within a week after Halloween!! The advantage of utilizing trailer style haunts!
    I actually lost 3 days because I had to move to a new storage yard and I was off property by Nov 9th!!
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      Rich how did your season go with Circus Circus cancelling their haunt show?

      Larry Kirchner