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  • Reviews you got a new review posted by some clueless person. Like one I got for non haunted maze "Just avg.' Well hells bells.....I did not realise the avg. maze installs $20,000 of drainage tile under the trails; hand rakes 3 miles of trails every year so blind people and wheelchairs can navigate the maze, staff with 6 people to help directionally challenged people get out to the porta john. I really like 'I almost just walked right through it"....Really???? takes me 12 minutes when I never make a wrong turn on the 3.7 trillion possible scenarios.

    Wicked Farmer

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    Not to be a downer here but you've just outlined stuff a whole lot of haunted trails have to do.

    To just be 'average'.

    'Average' or 'basic' for a haunt is a much higher bar than it used to be.

    But you can't take this kind of review to heart. Reviews like this are throwawys. The person probably wasn't into the whole idea of going to a haunt that night, or had a bad day, or had a crappy date or whatever. A review like these that essentially say nothing are usually ignored by people checking out haunt reviews or your page. Unless, of course, that's all there are. THEN it's a red flag.

    The reviews, both positive and negative, that you should pay attention to are the ones that talk about specific things--because those show a level of engagement. Those are the people paying attention, the ones who wanted the experience.

    So don't let them get to you.


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      Here is what I don't get about reviews most of your reviews are either a 1 star or a 5 star basically no middle ground.

      Some guy just gave the darkness a 1 star review saying we had to many animations and props so that made it not scary. He forgot to mention 75 actors as well... but who's counting.

      Reviews are just part of the game now.

      Larry Kirchner


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        New kid on the block...

        After spending 18 years working for a large commercial haunted attraction in Louisiana as a pneumatic tech, I've ventured into haunt ownership with two partners. While we are small beans as compared to other commercial haunts in the industry, we pride ourselves on what we were able to accomplish in a short period of construction time. We have had a great response overall, many customers praising and commending us on a job well done, and are appreciative, especially in a small immediate local area having no Halloween attractions. We wanted to make this a somewhat family friendly haunt, with plenty of old school scares, mixed with modern-day special effects and animatronics. I know there will always be one or more seeds in the crowd that has to complain about something, and we found that seed this past weekend. The customer was the only one to voice his negative opinion, both out loud and on Google. Apparently he was comparing large production haunts to ours, which in no way is on the same playing field. Our ticket prices are half or less of that of bigger haunts, so no surprise there. We spoke with our actors and they seem to remember the guy walking through criticizing everything. Some people are just not happy no matter what the circumstance. We obviously have room for improvement for sure, but being a first-year haunt and minimal budget, we have been pretty successful overall.


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          You shoulda gave them a free photo booth pic! That would'a changed their mind! lol

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