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    Hey guys Iíve never acted outside of a few skits here and there. If you can call them acting. So I need help. Iíd like to eventually work my way up to que line clown. Until then both on set and off set Iím just an unskilled roustabout from the 30ís. What can I do to get better and work my way up to que line clown? Itís a lot like a real circus in the sense that the good actors really get to interact with people and Iím in a drop panel. Nothing against such but ya know everyone wants to move up to the ďbig stageĒ eventually. Iíve got ideas and I practice bits with my friends saying rude and perverted and personal stuff because itís a no touch haunt so I have to get in their head. Past that Iím lost. Iím not sure what I need to work on in my time to move up and out of my box. Anything you can tell me to help me find my niche would be amazing.