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  • A golden opportunity

    Good evening fellow fiends, ghouls and other such monstrosities.

    I haven't posted in a long time but have been keeping the haunt dream live nonetheless.

    I just received a call from a old friend who works for a large well known retailer that is looking to offer some empty retail space to any and every, I mean EVERY (kid-friendly all the way up to extreme) haunter interested.

    The locations are in and around the Metro NYC area and guaranteed golden locations. Specifically Yonkers, White Plains and Bohemia; Suffolk County.

    They are willing to offer MAJOR competitive prices along with the basics (water, electric, etc.) as well as help with marketing.

    TL;DR: They got a number of empty retail space just gathering dust and want to offer it up for prospective haunters on the cheapish

    It's SUPER last minute but if you need a space, ever wanted to upgrade or anything in between please DM me and I'll give you my direct contact information.

    You do all the haunting, they will give you the place to do it.

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    You know I get these calls all the time... i tell them every single time its to late to rent something. Even if you rent something temporary you have to get permits to build out your haunt. Sometimes that could take a couple months.

    Not to mention build and install the haunt. People with last minute retail for lease always think haunts are put up the day before Halloween. LOL

    Larry Kirchner


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      Originally posted by drfrightner View Post
      People with last minute retail for lease always think haunts are put up the day before Halloween. LOL

      The guy I knew that did a pro haunt in a temporary lease commercial building (former Lowe's) started the lease in July...He'd start the process by unloading 5 semi trailers then work on it in the evenings after his full time job was over until late, go home to get a shower and a few hours sleep and start the process over the next day...Have everything ready to go by the last weekend in Sept until the first weekend in Nov...Have it all tore down and out by the end of Nov....Seeing the insane amount of hours,work and financial investment involved has kept me humbly and firmly in the home haunt realm...LOL...It's not for everyone...ZR