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    Yesterday I went to Spirit Halloween and a local costume shop hunting a mask for myself. The costume shop only had a few clown ones, nothing I really wanted. Mostly movie reproductions. Spirit had a good many masks but the real killer ones came in a costume set which I donít need the costume just the mask. So where on earth can I find an awesome clown mask? Doesnít have to be custom made. Just a clown mask. Would prefer it have the mouth open so I can talk and just apply makeup around it. Past that it can be anything thatís clown.

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    1313FX has some good quality masks for a good price.

    Also, scarygoat ,ade me a quality mask for a good price in the past, see this thread


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      Does Scarygoat have a website? I found I believe the page for 1313FX but the website didnít show much.


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        Man there are so many great companies who sell masks in this industry just a ton. Have you looked at any of those guys?

        Prices change from $150 to $1000

        What is your budget for a mask?
        Larry Kirchner


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          My budget is $200-250 at this time. I figured I waited to long to order one in because what Iím seeing is most take 4-6 weeks to come in. I just procrastinated and put it off to long. Itís my fault I didnít place an order in June or July. Thatís why Iím hunting premade at the moment to make due.


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            With a price range that high, you can probably buy a Silicone half mask, or maybe a used silicone mask.

            Hit up some of the silicone mask facebook groups or check ebay. Or you can easily spend under 80 to get a nice latex mask.


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              Thereís Facebook mask groups? I didnít know that. Iím not hunting fancy at the moment just something to make due until the end of the season and cut down on make up time.