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  • The Darkness Haunted House Tour 2019 - Creepyworld Announcement

    I wan't to offer a quick update as to our plans for the 2019 tradeshow and beyond.

    The Darkness: Yes we plan on opening The Darkness in 2019 during the Haunt Show. I doubt we'll open any other haunted house but Darkness. With that being said I wanted to fill you in on a couple things. If you EVER wanted to see The Darkness this would be the year because I'm not sure we'd open it again after this renovation. To me it always boils down to IF we do a massive renovation or not. I will not open it without some sort of monumental renovation. Our renovations as you've seen in some cases are more than others might spend to build a haunted house from scratch.

    So we've decided to renovate the biggest scene inside The Darkness: If you've been before there is that scarefactory T-REX that comes out of that cave. We'll be selling that prop btw. That is the biggest single scene inside the Darkness and it will be gutted and turned into something we're naming SKULL KINGDOM!

    So basically the theme is that anyone who enters is attached by the skeletons of the undead... they will then kill you and your bones will rott inside Skull Kingdom for an enternity. So get this everything that attacks you will be skeleton of something kind. I'm working with Unit 70 on this project and a MASSIVE order has already been placed just so you know. Yeah that far in advance yeah I know crazy huh... but Unit 70 is going to build me some almost to hard to believe type props. I don't want to give it away now but there will be like FIVE BIG LEAGUE animations going into this renovation. We're going to build the biggest wildest scene we've ever done. Just think of something like Sinbad Eye of the Tiger or something along those lines. Its going to be epic.

    Our plans for the tour also will see a new Escape Room build, another room has already been renovated since TR and another scene upstairs in The Darkness will also be renovated. There is an old sewer tunnel which now will be replaced due to building a big sewer system at the exit of Darkness.

    So right now 1 scene upstairs and 1 scene downstairs. Furthermore we're adding a party VIP room and our horror musuem will also be different.


    Creepyworld: This is the haunt EVERYONE wants us to open and we're going to do it... in 2020. We will open Creepyworld ONE TIME and ONE TIME ONLY! Why wait until 2020? Well when I said I was going to try and open it I started looking around and realized wow that would be really hard. So what I've done is figured out a way to do it but I had to create new que lines ones that stayed around all year for example. I had to rebuild my hayride. I also have been adding roofs on all the attractions and I'm down to just one left that needs one. The difference is that when I can leave the haunt as is then i can re-open easier I can almost do that now.

    Furthermore I needed better storage I got that to now ... little by little I'm perfecting Creepyworld to open easier. I also wanted to make sure all the haunts I liked 110% before I opened it... we're almost there. I love our hayride! That was a big one even so I wanted to improve it more which we've done this year.

    So the couple haunts I want to nix are the 3D easy to do btw, and this farm theme which is going away after next Transworld. I'm planning on building a full sized haunt for the Transworld show in 2019 and that haunt will go to Creepyworld after the show. Once that haunt is in place at Creepyworld, I replace the 3D I will open Creepyworld because I'll have it to the point where I CAN ACTUALLY OPEN it without spending an entire summer getting it ready.

    Warning however... the tickets will be at least $100 a person because its just way to hard to open. Opening it will cost me probably 3 times more than I can make back but we'll do it in 2020. I promise.

    Larry Kirchner

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    I think I've heard you say you would open Creepyworld over 100 times? Pardon me if I don't believe it.


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      I would tend to agree. I've been lurking on this forum for about 5 years you've said this 100 times already. What is the issue with opening Creepyworld? I would say the haunt industry knows very little about Creepyworld, and probably doesn't care either way. Why is Creepyworld a big deal to open over Darkness.


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        Here are some more pictures...

        this bridge you see pictured is totally bad ass... its a suspended bridge that shakes in all four directions. So when you get on you could actually make it do circles.

        We have probably all this week to go to make this room ready for foam and paint.

        you can get tickets now at

        As for Creepyworld let me explain a couple things...

        I would say the mass majority of haunted houses in the US are on the east coast and most of them are SCREAM PARKS. There are very few scream parks in the midwest to the west coast. Creepyworld is one of the FEW screamparks in the Midwest. But here is the deal Creepyworld is one of the BEST Screamparks PERIOD! That isn't me bragging I'm just telling you it is... the place is simply massive. It has no single haunt as detailed as Darkness or Netherworld but it doesn't have to its mostly outdoors. Creepyworld features a hayride, and multiple haunted houses plus a midway.

        I wanted to open Creepyworld before but it was going to be way to hard to do. So over the last two years we've been working on making Creepyworld easier to open, which has made it harder for us the past two summers. But now we're really close to being able to just walk up and turn the lights on. In the past it would take 4 or 5 months to get Creepyworld ready now I'm thinking it might be down to 6 weeks if we didn't change anything. That is what had to be done to have a REMOTE chance to open for Transworld.

        I made a mistake saying I could open it in the past, but now after spending countless hours, weeks, months, and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars have made it possible.

        The other issue was I didn't want to open Creepyworld UNLESS when people came thru their reaction was YEAH this is the best screampark we've ever seen. Now before you saying there he goes again...

        I mean I know I'm going to be picked apart in everything I do so I wanted to make sure there wasn't a lot to pick apart. I wanted the hayride to be incredible in the past it sucked. Now its really cool. I needed to replace some of the haunts I'm doing that and I needed a new que system. By next Transworld I'll open Creepyworld.

        But let me tell you its a total 180 from Darkness. It will be like heading up the east coast and checking out haunts here in St Louis. Trust me you're going to LOVE IT but I want it to be as perfect as possible before we open.

        Now back to Darkness... this is going to be the best year ever for Darkness. So I want to celebrate that as the last Darkness renovation and the best one ever. I'll worry about Creepyworld starting the day after Transworld.

        Larry Kirchner


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          Larry, I know you want to see Creepyworld 110% but I really think it would have been awesome for others to see a haunted house / screampark they can relate to. Even to see the massive renovations from year to year and how much it improves overtime would have been awesome. We all know what your capabilities are when it comes to producing a show.


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            The problem and maybe its just in my own mind... but I'm picked apart for everything I do really. The first year I opened the Darkness we spent more money that year (11 years ago) than any other year. We built Terror Visions that year from scratch, we added a whole new building addition, we totally renovated The Darkness head to toe... I think we ended up spending with the new building and everything about 1 million dollars. That was the first year we had our horror museum, terror visions anything... it was very stressful.

            Then we opened to the haunt industry, and little things like forgetting to charge the radios, made it super difficult to open on time. We did an amazing job that year, we pulled of the 110% impossible. But forgetting about charging those radios, really hurt let me tell you. Anyway despite all the amazing things we did we can roasted over the fire.

            That stung big league. I've never had so much negative energy ever and it was all on this forum. You could probably go back and read it. It was brutal.

            So I decided I wasn't going to open Darkness ever again since after doing what I didn't even think was possible, and getting roasted I was like its not worth it. But I decided I needed to redeem myself... despite NOT agreeing with about 80% of the comments, one thing was true that we needed to learn how to open on time.

            That year was a like the first night of October because everything was new. So we decided to open again, we did twice the renovations and put five times the work into it... and less people had something to say. The 3rd year I decided you know what I'm going to stand at the exit of the Darkness if someone has something to say say it to me as you exit. I also said you know I'm going to video tape people going thru and get their comments on tape. Well after that no one ever complained again. LOL

            The problem for me and creepyworld is I don't want to go thru that again...

            I want everything to be as perfect as we can get it even though I know already it won't be because it will not be possible... meaning the turn around from Halloween to March not for an outdoor event anyway.

            I'm going to put out that disclaimer btw before anyone buys a ticket.

            Anyway I'm want to make sure we can get as close as we can and I just determined that it wasn't possible without a lot of changes.

            Now we can do it... I could do it this year but I'm not going to.

            I'm going to do this VERY LAST Darkness renovation and Lemp renovation and from there I'll switch everything to Creepyworld.

            We'll open Creepyworld ONCE and see how it goes. If it goes well maybe we'll do it again. If its too hard I won't do it again.

            SO after a VERY LONG response... let me just say DARKNESS LAST TIME THIS YEAR! LEMP LAST TIME THIS YEAR!

            Creepyworld NEXT YEAR!

            After that who knows... who knows if Transworld will still be here. I'm only planning on this year and next.

            Come to Darkness this year because its going to be awesome. Best stuff we've ever done.

            Larry Kirchner