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    Couple more things i guess...

    1) I don't feel I attacked Gore Galore. And I stand by that. I think we live in a world that was described before as dramatic. Look at Russia liberals can't stand the fact that Trump won so every day its Russia Russia Russia Russia. Sometimes I wonder do we live in the United States? Does the news report about anything happening in our country than about Russia. The whole country has gone crazy honestly.

    But I do NOT feel I attacked Gore Galore at all... I think I pointed out that he was a traitor to Transworld and or his personal relationship with Jen. Why? Let me re-explain to those who don't understand.

    A) Transworld has bent over backwards for Gore Galore. They gave him the best spot in the show.
    B) They added him to their buyers boards.
    C) Anytime Gore Galore had a problem they helped him.

    I'm privy to some text messages and emails where Kevin himself has stated (based on what I was told first hand) that he made this decision without speaking to Jen or even letting her know in advance. I was also told that Kevin admitted he was being paid by this show to set up some sort of haunted house displays. Hey this is a FREE MARKET deal he can do that without question and he should do whatever is in his business best interest. I'm not saying he shouldn't but what I am saying is don't you think he should have talked to Jen? Don't you think this comes across as a stab in the back to her and their friendship? He can't really expect them to take this as anything but a shot in the back.

    DO you think she's earned that much respect from Kevin? Seriously? Anyone who disagrees is just not a reasonable person.

    Jen's family had their entire LIFE business torn away from them by the retail industry. Keven knows that full and he knew full and well this would HURT TRANSWORLD this would hurt Jen. He did it anyway.

    I call coward on that.

    You know what Brett... I took an ad from these people about 3 years ago. Before I put it in my magazine I personally called Jen and told her, yeah she got upset but I explained why I was taking the ad. Yeah she was upset but respected the fact that I called and let her know. Why wouldn't Kevin call Jen and talk to her about this prior? Well you would probably say because kevin is a grown man running his own business ... and if you said that I would agree with you. On the flip side however when someone bends over backwards to help you time and time again has you on their board, gives you teh best booth space do you think maybe you owe them a phone call before doing this.

    Now can you imagine what the relationship is NOW between Transworld and Gore Galore? It wouldn't be hard to guess would it now?

    BTW I'm done talking about Gore Galore, I do wish him the best, and hope he does in fact make the right decisions for himself, his family, his staff, and btw this industry. At the end of the day EVERYONE from this retail show in New Orleans to Gore Galore to even myself we're going to always do what is in our best interest.

    For the record I don't blame this retail show for doing this, if I was in their shoes I'd probably do the SAME EXACT THING! Hey I'm not mad at them for doing something SMART! Clearly they're smart and have some money to throw around. But they should understand our industry isn't looking for a haunted house show in January, where we play second fiddle to the retail industry. They should save their money and breath because it won't happen it will never happen, I think you'll see hell freeze over before it happens. If these retail people really want the haunt industry to partner there is ONLY ONE REAL OPTION... buy out Transworld.

    That is the ONE and ONLY option I see and even then would the vendors follow? Would the show continue to grow when retail is the priority, if booth prices soar? I DOUBT IT!

    But hey that is an option right... WRITE A CHECK!

    Larry Kirchner


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      Couple things and I'm done talking about this subject.

      I stated these things in my last post but wanted to give them their own space.

      These retail people the company that now owns that show yeah they're smart for making this move. They're waving around some money, and trying to lure in people to their show. I don't blame them in fact if I was them I'd do the same thing and actually I'd probably be even more aggressive. But who knows whom else they're talking and what their future plans are. They might wave tens of thousands maybe millions to make this fly. I have no clue but don't blame them... clearly they're getting aggressive to grow their business.

      One point on that though because I'm pretty sure I'm right here... the haunted house industry is NOT intersted in a tradeshow in January, nor playing second fiddle to retail. The synergy between retail and attractions is GONE its OVER. Transworld has this show going in the right direction now adding Escapes, adding Christmas, adding all the outdoor stuff, and hopefully merging with a family entertainment show.

      The haunt industry no matter how much money is thrown at them I can't ever see wanting a show in January where the center stage players are retailers. We want our own show. We want cheap booth prices so ALL vendors can have their shot. Based on my experience I think I'm right.

      I don't want to see ANY company from our industry try or even attempt to create a false perception of what is or isn't the MAIN show for this industry.

      Lastly, if these retailers really wanted to merge the two shows they would need to call Transworld and write another check. Other than that I don't see it ever happening!

      Btw even if they did write a check would the buyers and vendors follow just because it was sold? That is a whole other question.

      Just my two cents.
      Larry Kirchner


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        There is only one haunted house show and everyone knows it. I don't know why any company would try to influence vendors or buyers to another show unless it's for personal gain. When you stop and think about it promoting other shows could hurt some smaller companies. If some vendors attend these shows, spend a lot of money then fail to recoup investment this will hurt those folks. I don't think it's responsible to lend your company name to a show most everyone knows doesn't draw the buyers. Making money is the name of the game especially for these smaller buyer/sellers. I'm not attacking GG or any company but vendor/buyer in the know should have more accountability than the rest. Poor judgment would be my description of this decision. Every company has the right to do what they feel is in their own best interest just don't push that decision onto other companies who're less likely to experience the same benefit. My 2 cents.
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          I wanted to report that I personally was called by this group a couple years ago and was offered to take Leonards place as their main advisor. They wanted to hire me to help them develope their haunt show back when Hauntcon was there the first time. I said no.

          I have also now talked to 10 to 12 vendors over the past couple days and apparently this show has reached out to SEVERAL haunt vendors offering all kinds of perks to exhibit. One vendor told me he was offered hotel rooms, flights, and more to exhibit. Again I'm not against any business doing this stuff because hey they want to GROW THEIR BUSINESS! They are committed to develope a haunt show to help their retail show... good for them.

          They're working hard at this clearly and willing to pour money into it.

          But let me be clear again...

          1) The haunt industry does NOT want a show in January.

          2) The haunt industry does NOT want to be second fiddle to a retail show.

          3) The haunt industry both buyers and vendors want a show committed to growing their show as an attraction based show not RETAIL.

          4) The haunt industry does not nor can not afford HIGH booth prices this stunts the growth of our industry.

          5) The haunt industry CAN NOT 110% support TWO SHOWS. The Haunt industry does NOT want our industry divided we can't afford it. There can only be ONE SHOW where everything is in one place at one time... all the other shows are what I would call FRINGE shows.

          6) Anyone trying to produce a second show to compete with the TRANSWORLD show is WASTING their time. Its already been tried by IAAPA who has way more synergy with our industry than a retail show and it failed. My advice SAVE OUR MONEY or BUY OUT TRANSWORLD. Or sell the retail show to Transworld and let them merge it back together.

          My opinions but more than likely they're the facts of the situation.

          Larry Kirchner


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            pay no attention; I'm just rambling...

            But :

            "1) The haunt industry does NOT want a show in January. "

            Well I would LOVE a haunt show in Jan. Drives me nuts going to St. Louis in late March with blinders on so I do not see tractors in fields. Me personally I would drive to any state in lower 48 in Jan for Transworld. But I know that will not happen. No vendor would have their new stuff ready for a show in Jan. I mean face it. Ed doesn't even start making molds for Distortions stuff till the 2nd week of march as it is. (Sorry Ed...couldn't resist)

            Transworld will be where vendors can work with the crew who unload trucks at the at bargain rate of $100 per ounce and only charge $450 to plug in a electrical cord....$600 if you watch. St. Louis seems to be where vendors have figured out how to get along with highway robbery. And it is central...yada yada yada.

            Wicked Farmer


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              You lost me here ...

              A few questions for you starting with why would you want a haunt show in January? Explain that one to me tell me the benefits of January? I'd like to hear them.

              I can honestly tell you that IAAPA already tried it and it failed. If vendors are producing products up until or near the end of October tell me how is it a benefit to them or buyers to give vendors just say two months for turn around? Furthermore why would haunt owners want to buy stuff 10 months in advance? In other words BUY NOW and sit on all that money for nearly a year. That makes no sense. Now for my haunted house Darkness it makes sense because we're opening for Transworld.

              Now speaking of that let me give you some inside information. I placed an order already with Unit 70 for 2019. He can't start on this until November. I probably won't get that order until February. So if I order in AUGUST and can't get it until February tell me how the industry survive that small window for production. It can't be done.

              Secondly, you mention getting ripped off in St Louis, seeing tractors and I don't know. LOL

              There are tractors in EVERY STATE in America and btw I drive around St Louis a lot since I live here I almost never see a tractor unless I'm at Creepyworld. LOL

              Secondly, there isn't a SINGLE convention center in AMERICA that doesn't try to rip off people. I have NEVER personally been charged even 50 cents by the convention center for anything. They bitched about me putting up my booth but guess what I put it up anyway and wasn't charged a cent. We've had this show for 10 years I don't remember ever being charged to plug anything in, or for any other service other than the typical ordering electric or air. So let me put that to rest for you. A lot of people bitch and moan about almost everything but those are also people NOT use to doing tradeshows.

              I just did a tradeshow in Vegas and OMG you want to talk about RAPE... I couldn't sit down for a month after having just ONE BOOTH at a TWO day show. You want to talk about rip off do a tradeshow in Vegas, Chicago, New York or LA... you will be raped so hard the could drive a mack truck up your ass. People needs to STOP THEIR crybaby antics when it comes to stuff like this. St Louis isn't ripping off anyone. St Louis convention center renting that place is so cheap you could rent the building cheaper than buying new living room furniture. Try that in UNION HEAVY Chicago never going to happen.

              People who run around saying they get ripped off in St Louis by the convention centers are crybabies. I'd say grow up and understand every convention center has cost of doing business and cost of doing business at the St Louis convention center is CHEAP TRUST ME I KNOW more than 99% of the people who go to that show. I've never in my LIFE been to a tradeshow cheaper than St Louis ever. With all that beingi said that doesn't mean there is a mistake or something that generates a massive bill. But I haven't heard of one so far doesn't mean it happens. My point is to typically it is NOT happening and people just like to whine about something.

              People need to figure out how to work the system and you learn that from experience.

              Car break ins which did NOT happen this year is another story all together. IF that keeps happening I wouldn't do tradeshows here either. I'll call it out as its fair... car break ins big problem, cost of working at the STL convention NOT a problem.

              Is St Louis the funnest city on the planet NO!

              Do I care if the show moves NOPE!


              PS: I will say that the Arch was totally renovated and finally opened I think haunt owners would like it. Pretty cool went there the other day.
              Larry Kirchner


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                Larry CHILL!

                I was trying to lighten up the thread. The ONLY reason I...ME....A FARMER...wants show in Jan. is because on the way down to show I see tractors in fields spreading fertilizer and starting to work ground. I should be home getting everything on the starting line for spring work instead of going to a show. I LISTED WHY JAN. WOULD NEVER WORK FOR INDUSTRY. But for me being a farmer in Michigan Jan. would be SO MUCH BETTER than end of March. I have NEVER been to Transworld all four days of the show TIME FOR A FARMER in like a haunter going aaway in late Sept.

                I said "pay no attention I am rambling." Trying to bring some lighter mood into this thread. You seem incapable of that. Looking forward to this whole thread being completely removed.

                Wicked Farmer


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                  Okay I'm chilling I'm sitting on two giant ice bags. LOL

                  Hey one of the biggest issues with posting online anywhere is no one actually knows how you say it. I was in no way anything but chill... I was posing a question to you on why you wanted a show in January. That was a question nothing more. In advance I was telling you some points of why I don't think it would work. Nothing more my man!

                  I was seriously wanting to hear your reasons for it. I talk to a lot of people and hear their stories, idea's, thoughts, concerns, problems. I think I have a lot of insight because of those conversations so lets just assume I was talking to you by phone... that is a question I would have asked you had you made that statement.

                  Nothing more SO CHILL MAN CHILL! LOL

                  As for the St Louis thing I thought you were being serious because other people have brought this up in the past. So I thought you were bringing up a legit concern. I've addressed that concern the same way every time with why don't you got do a show in Chicago, Vegas, LA, or hell New York forget about it. There is a cost of doing business and no matter where you go you will experience different LEVELS of what you'd describe as being ripped off. But I again said I could care less if the show moved.

                  As for the tractor comment I was joking... trying to CHILL MAN! LOL

                  Larry Kirchner


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                    Sipping a sweet tea. But; in a few minutes I will be sweating moving walls into the corn field setting up shacks.

                    Wicked Farmer


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                      Where is your haunt at btw?

                      Larry Kirchner


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                        Originally posted by drfrightner View Post
                        Where is your haunt at btw?

                        Well let me get into a little history. I am sixth generation farming here in this township 20 minutes east of Michigan State University and 40 minutes north west of University of Michigan. Interstate 96 came in and took some of the farm in early 1960's. Eighteen years ago I put in a corn maze. Then we haunted the maze one night . Then we split maze and haunted trail. We are one mile from an Interstate 96 interchange in Williamston Michigan.

                        Wicked Farmer


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                          It's my understanding that Gore Galore has decided to pull out of his deal with Hauntcon. THis is the right move because our industry doesn't need to be divided. We need one show, our own show without vendors promoting shows that clearly aren't the best show for their business. We all know the best show is the Transworld Haunt Show and I think it best to keep it that way. It's my understanding these people offered deals to several vendors and as I said before everyone is free to do what is best for them. But if anyone really thinks Hauntcon a very TINY haunt show embeded into a retail show is going to help their business WOW that is a stretch to say the lesat in my opinion.

                          Anyway glad to hear Gore Galore (if this is true) pulled out and will put all his efforts into making new products for haunted house owners at the Transworld show in March.

                          Side not I hope to see Gore Galore break from the past and make products we've never seen and thrives in 2019.

                          Larry Kirchner


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                            Gore Galore is NOT exhibiting at Hauntcon 2019

                            And anyone and everyone who is interested.
                            This will be my only post on this matter. I shouldnt even be on here now. I should be out in the shop getting orders out.
                            Gore Galore is not exhibiting at Hauntcon/HPE
                            There is so much that went into this decision.
                            But Larry, first let me say I really would have appreciated a phone call rather than you calling me out as a Traitor. That was really crossing a line. Jumping to conclusions like so many may have done. Just feeds more negativity and incorrect opinions in an already muddy situation.
                            I was honestly driven to do it just to spite viewpoints like that. I don't like being bullied.

                            Gore Galore is at a moment of major Transition. We have lost almost half our staff this year. first with our Office manager. I will not go into details on that but lets just say it was one of the single best things that could have happened to this company in a long time.
                            But it started a drive to make some major changes in my way of thinking, and in what the company does. You will see those changes become evident as time goes on.
                            Taking on HauntCon was just a way to shake things up for Gore Galore. Forcing us to think in new ways.

                            And Hauntcon just popped up at the right time.

                            Yes, we started working on a small retail line.
                            And we will be presenting it at Transworld. It gives us smaller items most anyone can afford. but that is only one small piece of the puzzle.

                            Gore Galore was also contracted and paid to build an entrance for hauntcon. We are a business. and having many of our expenses offset to build and install an entrance is a paid venture into theming which I personally love to do but dont get to do enough. But I will be hiring out to do more this season.

                            The fact is Transworld should come first. We have worked with Transworld for 20 years, and Transworld has helped us to become a leader in our market. I respect that. On top of that Jen and I are friends.
                            IN most situations, doing hauntcon would have just meant adding another convention to our circuit, but this situation is so much more complicated.
                            SO, just avoiding that situation is best.

                            Plus time is limited, our Plans for Transworld are diverse, and will need every minute we have to prepare for. Lots of theming from a Facade, to individual theming for purchase to display our life size actormatronics.
                            That in addition to the fact we are still filling orders. just trying to make our way back from the horrible production spot we have been in this year.
                            It has been an even harder year than last year. But I have learned so much, and am applying those lessons to our company to make us bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter.
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                            Kevin R. Alvey
                            info at