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Creepy things for a cardinal/priest to say/shout?

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  • Creepy things for a cardinal/priest to say/shout?

    Cathedral theme.
    - Ethan Hall, EEK Productions Owner/Operator

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    I don't think it gets any creepier than a priest slapping a baby.


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      Just watch the exorcist 'my the powers of Christ compel you'. Linda Blair had several awesome lines. Are you going to watch this new movie coming out 'The Nun' I'm betting that will be good.


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        I think The Nun looks pretty good but I will probably wait for it on Netflix or something, there are going to be a lot of good movies coming out I think.


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          Do you want to be creepy or offensive? Cause I mean you could say all kinda offensive stuff. But like that one person said they can say Christ compels and flick regular tap water on them.
          Hereís ideas though that arenít necessarily offensive:

          Satan lives within! And have them point

          The mark of the beast is on you

          Dirty sinner


          Pagan witches should be burned

          Confess unto me or perish

          Youíll burn in Hell witch!

          With those ideas I was picturing it coming from old school Salem Witch Trial priest and then those from the Victorian era, ya know where the priest exorcist became popular. I read the story about the Salem witch trial, I think it was the play based on that. Iíd research that and real exorcisms to see what priest say. Also look at super religious fundamentalism like Westboro Baptist Church. Those people say crazy things.


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            Is the preist evil or trying to save people? Big difference?
            Larry Kirchner