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    Wow! Funny to see this thread again after a few years. This elevator is still going strong. Used it every season since 2006. Changed out the gearmotor for a large air ram to move the elevator on the track. Works much better and is easier to setup.

    Also, I agree 100% with Kip. Use steel frame with airbags. Much safer and will last much longer.
    Jim H
    Dark Raven Designs


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      Hey, I didn't see the dates however, but saw the posts. This thing is awesome! I was wanting to do an elevator in my first year, 2012, but wasn't sure how to do it. I still can't help but to think that I can make an elevator on a track like this one, but moved / jarred by humans. I mean, there's almost ALWAYS volunteers that don't want to act, this would be a great job for them. The "bell hop" can also be the elevator operator.

      I like the chain idea, that should've given the illusion of stepping on an old elevator as well! Remember those? They actually moved when you got on them! Love them things.

      Great work on the project. That welding looks like it was fun! I love welding :P


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        I built our elevator with the air bags 16 years ago and we still use it, then it was called the Hellavator now I have revamped it and its called the Criptovator. When I built it I didn't know about the controllers we have now. We had a operator that had a control board with the air handles/sound/air driven doors and lights and would watch through a one way mirror on the wall to control it every move. Now I control it with a BooBox8+ from Fright Props and it ROCKS! they really have to hold on... I like the Idea of it moving from one room to another, I have two doors one to enter and one to leave so I guess its the same kinda. I have been doing this for 20 years and only found out about the Haunt Industry in 2009 and attended the show in St Louis for the first time seeing anything to do with haunting other than what I did myself, Now I have had a blast with new ideas LOVE IT!
        Ken L.


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          Haunted Elevator

          I'm putting together my build list for your elevator - wonderful design, by the way. Can you share a little info on the air ram that you up-graded to?