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New ReDCroW design division: RCD Tutorials

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  • elswarro
    Thats great! We have been exploring AE as well at Elswarro. Its a great program! We just edited an entire custom commercial a few weeks ago with it. We used a great morph trick at the end the really sells the commercial. Check it out here

    We look forward to some of your tutorials and maybe we can provide some input down the line! As in any suggestions.......just keep it scary!

    - Gina

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  • redcrowdesign
    started a topic New ReDCroW design division: RCD Tutorials

    New ReDCroW design division: RCD Tutorials

    Ok, I decided to learn to use Adobe after effects, and what better way to learn to use it than make a video and post-produce it.
    I will open a new ReDCroW design page dedicated exclusively to tutorials, but I have no idea of what would you like to learn to do, so... give me some ideas... the best (and most affordable for me) ideas will be used on the tutorials. And later I will be adding more complex stuff.

    The tutorials will be totally free, so you don't want to miss this oportunity, hurry up, this is a time sensitive offer.

    Also, if you want to sponsor this new ReDCroW design section, you can, please contact me at or PM me at the forum.